My Summer Bucket List

It’s summer time, and that can only mean one thing : summer break is round the corner! So much time, so little to do. You know this summer is going to be amazing – you don’t know how or when or why, but it’s gonna be great! Here’s a couple things I’m going to be doing this heat-down before my summer kicks its proverbial bucket and if you’re looking for a little inspiration, I hope this helps!


1. Go to a concert

2. Read a book every week

3. Go to the beach

4. Go to a carnival

5. Have Movie Nights

6. Learn that sport you’ve always wanted to

7. Volunteer at the animal shelter

8. Have a bonfire night

9. Have gaming marathons

10. Hit the mall

11. Have water fights

12. Have a picnic with friends

13. Buy a Bubble Gun

14. Go camping

15. Learn how to bake cookies

16. Go hiking with my family

17. Have a fireworks show

18. Write a story

19. Finish reading all my wait-list manga

manga cap | Tumblr

That’s all for now!

Stay amazing!

Deliya x 🙂 


♡ Some Of My Favourite Things ♡

These days I’ve been having to work harder than I ever have in all my life.

It’s been really stressful and super challenging and all I really want is to slow down, even if it’s just for a while.

I thought it was time for a little well-deserved break and so, here I am, typing out on my computer in the dark of this little town, some of the most pleasant things I can think of and things I love and enjoy.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

 1.  Tea

Keep calm and drink more tea.

2. Books

My favourite, to be honest.

3. Writing

Blogging – anything to get the creative bursts out

4. Anime

Anime, manga, cosplay – it doesn’t matter – I’m obsessed.

5. Puppies

OK, let’s be honest, who doesn’t?

6. Naps

I mean, seriously, sleeping is underrated. *knackered*

7. Dresses

8. Music

More specifically, dubstep and instrumental

9. Old TV Shows

I mean, come on.

10. Chess

I don’t know. #sorrynotsorry

11. Football

RMA are Champions & Kings – ’nuff said.

 12. Carnivals

The last time I went I was bloomin’ 11 years old! It’s been ages!

13. My PS3

You name it.

14. My Polaroid

Need I say more?

15. Pretty Odds and Ends

All things kawaii.

16. My Bow Collection

Can we just take a moment?

17. Mary Kate and Ashley

Because they’re the only other twins I know.

18. Christmas Time

Everyone’s happy – it makes me feel kinda glad.

Stay amazing!

Deliya x 🙂


From Paris, With Love

Paris. The City of Lights and Love. Romantic, untainted artistic beauty.

I’ve gone there twice in my 17 years, for 10 days each. And I was blown away. The city takes my breath away and no matter how many times I go there, it’s buzzing life and unforgettable aura will make me feel like coming back.

My family used to travel a lot when I was younger. The first time I visited it, I was just 10. When our plane landed in Paris, it was, quite coincidentally, the 14th of July, France’s Independence Day. It was already 7 in the evening by the time we got to our hotel but I remember dragging my poor parents to the Eiffel Tower anyway, regardless of how tired they were after our flight.

And it was beautiful. It was getting dark by the time we reached it and the it was all lit up like a Christmas Tree and fireworks were going off all around it in patriotic fervor but at the time, I didn’t know any better. All I knew in that moment was that the skyline back home had never been quite this…dazzling.

We climbed up to the 2nd floor and looked down at the city lights. The moon was high above me, and the streets were far below and the wind was blowing in my hair and it was like magic. It felt like it was where I belonged. It felt like it all fit in somewhere in me.

Of course, I went again when I was 15 years old because I just couldn’t get enough of the city. (And because I’d read The Da Vinci Code and needed to see the Louvre with a fresh mindset). Its little stone-paved streets and its bookstores and little cafes just make you fall in love all over again. There is no moment quite as beautiful as resting your tired legs, pulling out a cane chair and having a nice latte in a Parisian cafe.

Coming to Paris in the winter was inspirational. Creative was not a word intense enough to describe what I felt the day I saw snow fall in Paris. If you are a writer looking for a that slow black and white mood to get your ideas, come to the City of Love in the Season of Snow. 

Of course the food, the fashion, the language and the people were a huge part of the charm and the architecture and history of the city was mind-blowing. And let’s not forget Disneyland. Paris is never more pretty than it is at night. The city pretty much comes alive under its starry covers. There is no limit to the artistic inspiration you can derive out of the night life of Paris.

That’s all for now guys, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I loved recalling it, and I hope this makes you want to fly to Paris on your next holiday! Tell me what you think!

Yours always,

Deliya x 🙂

P.S. No, none of these pictures are mine because, neither am I good at photography and neither do I have any pictures that do not include my family in it, so there.

What “Frozen” Taught Me

First of all, Disney Animations are my favourite movies of all time, so duh, I had to watch this as soon as it came out. This movie is different from most of the normal Disney Princess movies and has a lot to say and, as such, I’m going to say it.

1. Love at first sight does not exist



You can’t marry someone you just met. That’s just not how it works. You can’t fall in love with someone at first sight without knowing a single thing about them. Yes, he might be dashingly handsome, heck, he might even be a prince, but that does not mean he’s the one for you. You can’t lock eyes for two seconds or marry the first guy that comes along because, chances are, you’re going to regret it.

2. Accept yourself. Don’t bottle it all inside



Don’t thing for one second that you’re all alone and that nobody understands you. I mean, we all have that feeling sometimes but there always people who want to reach out to you – your family and friends who would die for you. Don’t close the doors. Don’t make your walls so high and your ice palace so hard to break through that even the ones who love you can’t get in. The cold might not bother you, but sharing your pain can never make it worse.

3. True love isn’t just your knight in shining armor, it’s your family too

Unlike the old chiche stereotype that true love is just when you meet ‘that perfect guy’, this movie shows us how an act of true love is not just a kiss from the prince. It can even be sacrificing your life for your family, the ones you truly love.

4. Redefining a “Disney Princess”


Unlike the usual definition of a princess, which is pretty, delicate and in love, this is finally a movie which shows the female royalty in strong light – with their own mind and personality with great power and the courage to use it to defend what matters most to them. The emotional strength to stay cheerful after dreadful loss, the determination to search for love, the will to live and fight for what is right and what you believe in, no matter what.

5. Dream big



Live for your dreams. No matter how big or scary or irrational they might seem to you or others around you, dream big and don’t stop till you achieve it. The happiness you feel when you get there is worth melting for.

6. Your prince could be a peasant, but it doesn’t matter because you love him



The guy who sticks by you through thick and thin and fights for you, is the guy for you, not the one with the money bags.

Thats all for now guys! If you haven’t already watched frozen, you’ve got to watch it…NOW. Go on, what’re you waiting for?

Stay beautiful.

Deliya x 🙂

Winter Fashion 2013

Hello everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged about fashion, so here it is again! I’ve grown a bit this year and so many of my old sweatshirts seem misfits now. This weekend, I went out and brought back almost a whole new winter wardrobe for myself and I’m going to try and help some of you out (in case you feel lost) about what exactly are winter must-have classics or the things that’re in this season.


High Waist Ultra Skinny Jeans

ASOS Petite

Supersoft Ultra Skinny Jeans

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you have a pair of skinny jeans in a colour (like black or blue) that goes with anything. Its the easiest thing to slip on – you can tuck it into your boots or wear them with a jacket – whether you’re going for a night out or to run some errands.


Cashmere Mix Grace Sweater

Another thing that is an important part of your winter wardrobe is a cashmere sweater. Of course they come in many cuts and colours but try to get yourself a mature but light and bright colour (winter’s already dull enough without your dark sweater adding to the dreariness).They go with leather pants, skirts, shorts – the whole hog.


Popper Skater Coat

A bright coloured coat is also an essential. Whether its a skater coat or a duffle coat – one good bright coat will keep you warm and looking good all winter long.

ASOS Petite

Feather Strappy Back Dress

This one isn’t exactly what you’d call warm but just wanted to add that feathers are back in. Feathered skirts go amazing with jumpers and feather dresses are perfect for a night out. Plus, they’re just so feminine and pretty, how can you not?


Another winter essential is a pair of knee-high boots in a neutral colour. They’re warm, chic and cute and good with dresses, skirts and jeans. I bought a pair online last week and they’re gorgeous.

Mademoiselle Tara

Structured Sweater Dress with Crepe Collar

Varsity Sweater Dress £98.00

Varsity Sweater Dress

Days on which pants just feel too boring or heavy, put on a sweater dress! They’re pretty, loose and comfortable. Plus, they look stunning with knee-high boots.

That’s all for now guys! Hope this helped you. I am by no means a fashion designer or an expert at anything ‘fashion’. This is just some of the stuff I like this winter, and hope you love them as much as I do!

Stay beautiful!

Deliya x 🙂