Reasons Why I Hate High School

Well, ‘hate’ is a probably (OK, definitely) a strong word for it. In fact, high school has been one of the most memorable and fun times of my life. I’ve made some of my best friends here and had the most crazy memories ever. But that doesn’t mean it was all a joy-ride. And let’s face it, nobody wants to here positive anecdotes. So, here we go!


1. Getting Up Early

This isn’t specific to high school, but you catch my drift. You hear that damn alarm ring and you just know you’ve got that jungle to go to where ‘survival of the fittest’ is the motto. Getting that warm blanket get ripped off your body is probably the worst part of the day though.


2. Annoying People

Maybe it’s just me, but, to be honest, it’s like the population of annoying and/or stupid people in our school is just increasing every year. Isn’t school supposed to be a learning environment? Isn’t it supposed to be interesting and fruitful? How are you supposed to fulfill your expectations as a student when there are idiots all around you? Non-existent morals, bad music taste and stupid questions – just a few of the things that surround you on a daily basis at high school.


3. Homework

Ah, homework – the work of Satan that is enforced by teachers all over the world so as to bring the hell that is school to your home. Just peachy. And it just increases in high school. Aint life wonderful?


4. It’s not Hogwarts

Do I even need to explain? The pain, the agony. *sniffs* I need a moment.


5. Evil Teachers

OK, I’ve had my share of life-changing teachers but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have those cranky evil teachers that are just never happy no matter what you do. You may be Hemingway himself but that essay still deserves a B– just because. These are the teachers that put Lucifer to shame with the amount of homework they hand out, the lack of motivation they give and all the of hall passes they don’t provide.


6. Final Exams

Unless you were one of those freaking geniuses at school, you know what I’m talking about. Just thinking of the final exams gives me a headache and knots up my stomach. It sucks for us students and the teachers get a kick out of getting us to do more work for extra credit. It’s just labour. Slave labour.


7. Recess

Now you must be wondering, “What sucks about recess?” Yeah, it’s the one time when you can leave all the studying bullshit behind and bitch about your classes to your friends. The only sucky part is that there just isn’t enough of it. I mean, 15 mins just isn’t enough to fully explain the depth and breadth of  the problems in my life to my friends! Who’s the genius who made that rule?! Like,


That’s all for now. And yes, I know I haven’t posted in, like, two weeks and I’m so sorry about that! I’ve been too loaded up with work (which is still on-going) and so I’ve written this post in a hurry as well. I’ll try to get back on schedule ASAP!

Stay amazing!

Deliya x 🙂


Rules of Social Media

When it comes to social media, not all of us are as into its functioning as others. There are lots of different types of people on the internet. Some are professional, some are amateurs; some use it all the time, some rarely visit it. However, no matter what sort of people they are, there are some who just don’t know what to do (and what is acceptable) on social media.

And so, here are some rules of social media that everyone should know and follow.


1. Do NOT over-share

Yeah, we all know someone who constantly bitches about other people online or talks about their teachers (or bosses) and parents in poor light on social media. Here’s a news-flash to you people, that is not cool. We look at your updates and think “Really? Did you just stoop that low?”

In fact, that is the exact way you lose peoples’ respect for you. Stop trying to diss people online. Just, stop.


2. Do not share weird pictures

OK, keeping in mind you have your parents (or children), your teachers (or bosses), etc on your social media platform and not just your friends, you just cannot post anything you want. It’s just not nice waking up and seeing a revealing or awkward or weird picture of someone you respect online. Either change your privacy settings or don’t post those things. Otherwise, it’s just gonna end up being awkward for you to explain.


3. Beware of what you ‘retweet’ or ‘like’ or (whatever)

Keep in mind people can see the things you retweet and the pages you follow. You may like/be attracted to/obsessed with something or someone, or maybe have a weird fetish (and that’s fine, it’s totally your call), but maybe it’s not worth sharing with the world. Unless its socially acceptable, maybe you should keep it to yourself to avoid yourself the embarrassment. We don’t wanna be like :


4. Do NOT overdo the selfie

It’s perfectly OK to take pictures of yourself (when nobody is around to do it for you). But when you’re

a) making a stupid facial expression (duckface) and/or,

b) revealing more of your body than we need or want to see

then it’s not worth putting onto social media. Not everyone wants to see what you look like when you’re half naked or when you have brain transplants with a duck.


5. Don’t mess up the language

To people who do this,

Why do you do it?!

I’m sorry, but at the risk of sounding like a Grammar Nazi, I would like to tell all you children who don’t know what ‘spelling’, ‘grammar’ and ‘punctuation’ is, go get a damn dictionary or go back to primary school. Trying to decode your texts is going to be that much easier if you use your senses when you’re typing.



6. Don’t give us too much information

There are some people who turn every little happening in their life into an event. Having lunch? Let me post that. Drinking coffee? Instagram that. Going to the mall? Let me tweet about it. Watching TV? Tumblr’s the answer.

Have you ever thought about the fact that maybe, just maybe, we don’t care? I’m sure that coffee was life-changing and your TV serial was oh-so-sensational, but we don’t need to hear everything about your day. There is such a thing as TMI (Too Much Information), you know.


Stay amazing,

Deliya x 🙂

Things People Should NOT Do In Public (But Do)

There are many stupid and/or irritating things people do in public that they just shouldn’t. But they do. And this makes it suck for all us normal (?) people out there. So my advice to you is : stop. Just, stop.

Don’t know which category you belong to? Let me help you out.

Here are some things people do in public that they shouldn’t.


1. Take selfies in public bathrooms

Why do you need to this right now? And here of all places. You don’t look ‘cute’ (especially not in a bathroom). Not even Rachel McAdams would look ‘cute’ in a bathroom selfie. (OK, maybe she would, but you get my drift). You’re taking up my already limited bathroom space and time. Oh and if you keep doing it, all people in the toilet watching you take these should be able to comment on your facial expressions without you being offended by their comments, because clearly, this is a public thing now. It’s not just you and the phone. It’s you, everybody’s space, time and patience and the phone.


2. Wear ripped tights

Sorry Miley and whoever else is doing this. Ripped jeans? Meh, OK I guess. But ripped tights? Now you’re just looking for ways to look homeless. I mean, come on. At the risk of sounding like a prude, we don’t care if you have long or shapely legs. Get some proper pants on! Where’s the dignity in clothe wearing if everything you own is torn?


3. Talking loudly in restaurants

We know you think you’re awesome and that everyone has got to know what you’ve got to say, but maybe we don’t want to be in on your conversation. Maybe we’re having own own conversations, did you think of that? It just makes me go like,

Or on more sassy days when I’m feeling judgmental about their life,


4. People who text or talk during a movie

Maybe it’s the constant bleeping of your phone or maybe its either you or your screaming bratty children, but when you make noises at the movie, come prepared for the hate.


5. People who spit chewing gums on sidewalks

What the hell? You just did that shamelessly in broad daylight. What is wrong with you? That’s just gross (not to mention plain evil to the person who steps on it later in the day). If you’re going to do something uncouth and hateful, at least have the decency to wait for dark.


That’s all for now guys! More later I guess…

I think I might’ve been a bit dramatic on this one…Nah, I wasn’t.

Stay amazing!

Deliya x 🙂

Things That Annoy Me : Part 2

Some of this stuff is general and some of these are super-specific to me. But yeah, here are the things that annoy the hell out of me. (Yeah, I’m having a moody day, back off!)

1. People who walk slowly in front of you on sidewalks

Slow walking people, die.

2. When you’re on the tube, and everyone is pushing and pulling you to get on or off.

I might act like this, but inside, know that I hate you with the fire of a thousand suns.

3. Girls with no self-respect who talk about their ‘sad’ lives all the damn time

Yeah, you. Listen to Rachel McAdams. Shut up, and know from the bottom of my heart, I don’t give a shit.

4. Slow wi-fi/internet crashes

OK, so this one’s a first-world problem and yeah, I get it, it’s sorta shallow. But goddamn it, when the internet crashes when I was doing something important is when I hate life most.

5. Stubbing my toe

Yeah, thats what I feel like when this happens to me.

6. When people bring their loud/obnoxious/whiny children to the movies

Why did you bring it when you know other humans were going to be there? We paid to watch (and actually hear the dialogues of) the movie, not to listen to 2 hours of your kid crying and kicking.

7. Thin people who complain that they’re fat

Oh really, bitch? Are you? That’s interesting. No, please, tell me more.

8. When you hold the door for someone and they don’t acknowledge it

Yeah, you’re ungrateful. The end.

9. When people chew gum and leave it around for people to step on.

Thats just mean, why would you do that? Why? WHY?

10. Teenagers who smoke in public places

No, it’s not cool. It’s just a bother to everyone around you and you’re probably just going to die a terrible death.

11. Stupid people trying to butt in and make jokes when you’re trying to be serious

You’re not funny. You’re just annoying. Stop it.

12. When the attendant tells you there will be a delay for your flight

Yeah, this is how I’ll act, but I don’t like you. Or your children. You tell me to come 3 hours early to catch the flight only to later tell me that I might as well have slept 2 hours more. Yeah thanks, thanks a whole lot.

13. People who flip their hair a lot

Yeah, sorry, but you don’t look sexy, you look like a fly swatter.

14. Bad hair days

Ah yes, the days you start to seriously consider the whole Miley Cyrus boy-cut.

15. People who talk about the death of my favourite fictional characters when I’m still in denial

Yeah, screw you, stupid human. Screw. you.

16. When you’re not sure if someone’s listening to you because they’re texting while you talk

Yeah, I don’t think we should be friends anymore. This seems like a logical stopping point in our friendship.

17. When you’re talking to someone hot and someone interrupts you

Alright, so you think you can just waltz in here and dominate the conversation when, in fact, this took me 3 weeks of planning and here you are, screwing it up. Thanks, let me just take another 2 weeks to get back from this.

18. PDA (Public Displays of Affection)

Yes, everyone on this bus now knows your two-day anniversary was today. Can you stop now? There are children here.

19. Someone being really mean to my friends

What, is Simon Cowell your father?

20. When people don’t like weird people

Because in all honesty, I love them.

The Difference between Being Rich and Having Money…

…And I’m back!! Finally back on my blog! The exam days are over, my Deputy duties for the Sports Day are over (well, almost anyway) and the football competition’s all wrapped up. Finally some time to sit back on my bed, relax with some tea and get back to business (if you count blogging as business I mean). Hows everyone been? 🙂


So this week, I thought I’d talk about that famous Patrick Meagher quote.

Some people are so poor, all they have is money.

Why? Because, well a couple of weeks ago, a new kid joined our school and he was in our year. Now usually, new kids tend to be shy or outgoing but nice, so they can make new friends. We, in turn, try to help them fit in and be friendly as well. But if you’re talking about Robert ‘the-rich-snob’ Brown, uh-uh no sir. From the moment he stepped in, this absolute twat (I’m sorry, I’m probably going to be using a lot of rude words in this post, because I’m just so frustrated!) thinks that he owns the school and everyone in it, just because his dad’s a fancy businessman and he can afford to drive around a Ferrari and wear Armani perfumes to school and a designer shirt.


I’m sorry Rob, but that’s just not right and thats not how it works at all. Just because some of us (OK fine, ALL of us) aren’t as well-off as you are, it doesnt mean you can lord over us or look down on us. Money is just that – money. It does not automatically equal to or convert to your social status or your number of friends and neither should it. The thing that matters most is if you’re rich – on the inside. If you have good moral values and are surrounded by people you love. If you find happiness and follow your dreams, if you wake up everyday smiling and you’re grateful for what you have – thats when you’re rich, thats what being welathy is all about.


As Coco Chanel rightly put it – “There are people who have money, and there are people who are rich.” Whats the use of all your money if you don’t have someone to love or someone who loves you. You can buy the world’s most expensive mattress but it won’t help you sleep. You could afford the world’s best food, the finest cuisine, but it won’t give you an appetite. What I’m basically trying to say is, money isn’t everything. I know it, you know it. Then why do some people forget? Money can buy you all you want, so you’re blinded by the dazzling lights – the billion dollar world you live in. But does it buy you all you need? Your health, your happiness, love and friendship, does it buy you all of that? And isn’t that what really matters? I dare you to say I’m wrong.


When the things we possess start to possess us, that’s where the problem begins. I mean if all one cares about making or flaunting money then he will be poor in all else that is worth living for. Now of course (as a second thought), all this sounds like a loser’s opinion doesn’t it? But who can say I’m not right, though? Maybe I’m just a bit too flustered but I still think that no one has the right to live their life looking down on others or getting the easy way out just because they holiday in Paris. Don’t you agree? 😉

Stay beautiful,

Deliya 🙂 Xx

Random Thought # 2: How To Make People Think You’re Immortal

You know how when you start out on the internet checking out your tumblr, twitter and facebook and hours later you find yourself watching videos on how to shave your platypus? Yeah, well, I was on my 5th hour when I stumbled upon this article and it LITERALLY MADE MY DAY. Its just hilarious, I just died. Its about how to make people think you’re immortal.

Check out the article : How To Make People Think You’re Immortal


How To Make People Think You're Immortak

How To Make People Think You’re Immortak


Deliya x :’D