Spring/Summer Outfit Ideas : Lookbook

So it’s finally summer, the sun is shining down, and the it’s time to clean your closet of all your jumpers and hoodies because sweater weather is finally over.

Heading somewhere nice? Better look the part. So here are some ideas for you this summer, whether you’re dressing up or dressing down. Enjoy!


1. Casuals


There are so many things I’ve been loving this summer but here are some of my absolute favourites.


Shorts : Forever 21

Crop Top

Crop Top : Forever 21

Dress Top

Dress Top : Splash

Jacket : Garage


Top : Bershka

Crop Top

Crop Top : Forever 21

Skirt : Miss Selfridge

Crop Top

Crop Top : Garage


Top : Forever 21

Feather Earrings : Forever 21

Ring : Claires


2. Dresses


Cute summer dresses are a must-have in the closet of every girl and, as such, here are some of mine.

Image 1 of ASOS Premium Crochet Sundress

Crochet Sundress : ASOS

Image 1 of ASOS Sundress in Stripe

Striped Sundress : Asos

White Lace Dress

Dress : Splash

Belt : Zara

Polka Dot Summer Dress

Dress : Bhs


Dress : Tex




No outfit is ever complete without accessories, period. Here are some that blew my mind!

Clavin Klein Purse

Purse : Calvin Klein

Nail Polish

Image 1 of ASOS Straw Floppy Hat

Straw Hat : Asos

Image 1 of ASOS Polka Dot Headscarf Neckerchief

Headscarf Neckerchief : ASOS

Image 1 of Ted Baker Cross Hatch Clutch

Cross Hatch Clutch : Ted Baker


I hope you all loved these ideas as much as I loved trying them on. This post was inspired by Raise.com ‘s ‘Closet Swap’ Campaign

Raise is a new marketplace where you can buy discounted gift cards to your favorite brands, and sell your unused gift cards for cash!  From Nordstrom to DSW, they have gift cards to meet all your fashion needs, so you guys should definitely check it out!

Stay amazing!

Deliya x 🙂


Clothing Haul

I’ve splurged quite a bit on new clothes this month (sorry not sorry) and experimented quite a lot with loads of new cuts so here I am telling you about it. Enjoy!


1. Blazer

Image 1 of ASOS Blazer with Dropped Hem Detail

I’ve had to go to 2 semi-formal occasions this past month, and that is why this Asos Blazer with Dropped Hem Tail has been so absolutely darling to me. It has slim lapels and has an open front, not to mention it’s in the most adorable light pink colour.

Buy it Now!


2. High Waist Denim Mom Shorts

Image 4 of ASOS High Waist Denim Mom Shorts in Bliss Light Wash

Summer is finally upon us and what would I do in this warm weather without these ASOS High Waist Denim Mom Shorts? I can’t believe I went this long without any high-waisted shorts but my days of distress are over! These light blue cotton shorts have ripped detail and are a must-have this summer!

Buy it Now!


3. Sleeveless Oversized Sweater Dress

Image 1 of Daisy Street Sleeveless Oversized Sweater Dress

This Daisy Street Sleeveless Oversized Sweater Dress is to die for. It has a printed motif in the front and a crew neckline and is so comfy! I was unsure buying it at first as I wasn’t sure if over-sized dresses were the look for me but it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Buy it Now!


4. Black Dress

Image 1 of Free People Dress with Cut Out Dress

OK, I admit this dress was a little pricey but it’s worth every penny. It is a Free People Casual Cut Out Dress with cut detail to the neckline and a dipped back hem and it’s super light! I often wear it with some black leather biker boots and a red checked shirt tied to my waist and it looks adorable.

Buy it Now!


5. Dungarees

Image 1 of American Apparel Dungarees

These American Apparel Dungarees are my absolute favourites! They’re super comfy and have pockets and adjustable buckles. I can’t even describe how important these are in a girl’s closet.

Buy it Now!


6. Off-Shoulder Crop Top and Floral Trousers

Image 1 of Vero Moda Floral Trousers

This American Apparel Off Shoulder Crop Top looks like it was made for these Vero Moda Floral Trousers. They are simply adorable together, nuff said.

Buy the top and trousers!


7. Prom Dress

Image 1 of Forever Unique Lace Prom Dress

This Forever Unique Lace Prom Dress has contrast lace embroidery and a rounded neckline and is just breathtaking. I don’t even have prom but I just bought it because, well, do I need a reason?

Buy it Now!


That’s all for now! Hope you loved it!

Stay amazing!

Deliya x 🙂

21 Simple Joys of Life (To Be Contd.)

1. The Smell of a Bookstore

2. Doctor Who

3. Cool wind in your hair

4. Drinking coffee

5. Smiles from strangers

6. Sarcasm and burns (#sorrynotsorry)

7. Puppies

8. DIY Anything

9. Hair Bows

10. Reading

11. The Seaside

12. Getting lost in the city

13. Old Family Polaroid Pictures

14. Sunny Days

15. Polka Dot Anything

16. Scented Candles

17. Spring Time

18. Pretty Bedrooms

19. Bubble Baths

20. Old TV Programmes

21. Cute Cutlery

OK, so basically this is just part 1 of the many simple joys of life that are totally free and available to all of us and those we just don’t notice and feel happy about on a day-to-day basis but should remember to.

P.S. None of the pictures are mine, they’re all from the amazing one and only (you guessed it) Tumblr and Google!

Stay awesome!

Deliya x 🙂

Things Every Girl Should Have

No long intro, no explanations. Right into it, here we go.

1. A go-to karaoke song.


2. A favourite book you own at least one hard copy of.


3. A breakup song that makes you feel better. Basically, a song for every major emotion you go through.


4. Enough self-respect to know when to walk away from a bad situation or relationship.


5. The confidence to be her own person, not defined by anyone else.


6. The self-assurance to dance like nobody’s watching.


7. A best friend that will let you do you and make you feel proud of it. Who is not jealous of your achievements, but proud.


8. A dress that was made to amaze.


9. A favourite disney movie.


10. The humility not to judge others on their choice of clothing, makeup, etc.

tumblr_static_33    fangirl

11. The courage to chase her dream and the will to work hard for it.


12. Something to her name, that is hers entirely.


13. A deep love for herself and her body that is not put out by others’ opinions.


14. A signature favourite dessert and an indestructible fussiness over how one makes it.


15. The ability to cook something.


16. The spirit of adventure.

17. The confidence to be alone and not feel lonely.

18. A smile that can blow you away.

19. The ability to give out a right-hook.

20. A favourite sport and the jersey of her favourite team.

21. The fearlessness to try out something new every once in awhile.

22. A great handbag and a good pair of boots.

23. The self-pride to be able to support yourself without anyone’s help.

24. An emergency ice cream tub in the freezer at all times.

25. The sense not to let social media rule her life or emotions.

26. An intimate knowledge of some fandom or the other (preferably Harry Potter)

27. A signature dance move.

28. The drive to save the planet (I mean recycling).

29. A good relationship with your siblings and family

30. A presentable everyday makeup look that’s natural-looking.

31. The ability to restrain yourself from fandom references at inappropriate times, and binge shopping.

Stay beautiful!

Deliya x 🙂

How To : Look Cute on a Budget

Being a teenager is tough, especially since you’ve got so many rules and restrictions to follow and pressure from every possible angle – whether its school or social pressure. And to top of all that, you’re all insecure of how you look and how you’re changing. And to try to look cute on a budget? Well, that just takes the cake. But of all the 4 years I’ve been a teenager, I’ve basically mastered the art of low-budget great looks and now you get to benefit from ALL my terrible mistakes (you’re welcome).

The first thing to do is to not completely ignore but to not let the newest trends affect your every outfit choice. Really, though. The amount of time and money I’ve wasted pining after those ‘in’ boots and that ‘must-have’ handbag, I can’t even imagine. You’ve got to let all that go, and insist on following and defining your own individual style. Being so totally you, is MUCH hotter than looking like Jennifer Lawrence on the cover of that magazine. Take it from me. Instead of wasting your pocket money on that new trend that you cant wear 2 months later because its already out of fashion, using it to buy stuff that’s always everygreen (like at least 2 pairs of nice-fitting jeans, a denim jacket, a good pair of boots, a button-down oxford, a black dress for special occassions) is always budget-friendly and seriously, anyone can look good in those timeless classics.

Another thing is to buy a blazer. I cannot stress enough the importance of a simple black blazer or jacket and how its spiced up many of my everyday outfits (and protects you from the cold) from skirts to dresses to tees. Make sure you’re comfortable, more than whether the outfit is ‘in’. 10 times out of 10 (seriously) that super fashionable outfit which is extremely uncomfortable doesn’t even look that great on you and its causing you an itch in places you can’t even reach. Just, don’t. Its better to be comfortable, seriously.

Another thing is to put off putting makeup as long as you possibly can, and even when you do start, do NOT pile it on and cake your face with it. Most importantly, wash your face squeaky clean of ALL makeup before bed and use a facewash that works for you. Trust me, you do NOT want to end up with a giant zit on your face that even your makeup cant hide anymore.

Visting a thrift store is another great idea. Some people are under the misconception that only poor people shop there, but no. I’ve gone there many times over the years with my friends and often, the stuff there is economical and very cute.

All in all, make sure that whatever you buy is something YOU really love, not because a magazine or a friend said so. Make sure its you that likes it, not someone else.

Thats it, thats all I’ve got. Hope it helped some of you and that you’ll be all the wiser and avoid the mistakes I made when I was a bit younger.

Deliya x 🙂

Fashion That’s Evergreen : The Little Black Dress

You know what they say, “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress“. This week, I had to attend this semi-formal party at a hotel for my dad’s company and I wasn’t sure what to wear. The theme was black. So I had even lesser choice. But I ended up with this Little Mistress dress with bodycon fit and round neckline for £34.80 and I loved it. Some of the other dresses I considered were a Oasis Lace Sweetheart Dress (£41.00), a Lashes of London Midi dress (£55.00) and a Mango Chiffon Drape Bustier Dress ( £49.00).

Little Mistress Mesh Panel Bodycon Dress

Little Mistress Mesh Panel Bodycon Dress

Lashes Of London Midi Dress With Cross Front

Lashes Of London Midi Dress With Cross Front

Oasis Lace Sweetheart Dress

Oasis Lace Sweetheart Dress

Mango Chiffon Drape Bustier Dress

Mango Chiffon Drape Bustier Dress

And the best part?

No choice was the wrong choice.


Deliya x 🙂