Obsession of the Week : Memory Palaces

So here’s where my geeky side comes out. Oops. Sorry I’m not sorry. If you don’t like it, turn away. Recently, I’ve started going through noticeable phases in my obsessions. They don’t always last very long, but last week it was Rubik’s Cubes and how to solve them (yes, I did it, in case you’re wondering. I can solve any 3×3 cube in under 30 mins now. That’s kind of slow compared to many, but I just gave myself a week, so I can’t really expect much) and this week it’s Memory Palaces. In case you’re wondering, this is just a trick that can drastically improve your memory.


Of course, I got this idea from Sherlock (the Season 3 finale episode goes into somewhat of detail about it) and I just had to see what it was all about. And then I became obsessed. As usual. (It’s never moderation with me, it’s always I’m absolutely infatuated or I really couldn’t care less *sighs dramatically*)


So anyway, being the weirdo I am, I decided to share with the world the exact extent of my geekiness and tell you all about Memory Palaces (and how to make one, if you’re interested – so that we can go be psychos together, doesn’t that sound like fun?)

First of all, the thing I started off with was this video of Joshua Foer on TED. In case you don’t have time to go through the whole video, let me try and condense it for you as fast and simply as possible. Basically, the idea of a memory ‘palace’ has been around for thousands of years – the Greeks used it to remember long speeches – entire books, even! Back then, they didn’t have smartphones and, as such, they needed to remember things without aids.

So basically how this works is that you have to choose a place in your mind that you’re very familiar with – like your home or school or office or whatever. Any place that you know like the back of your hand. A place that you’re intimately familiar with – the sounds, smells and look of that place should be firmly embedded effortlessly in your mind. 


Say, for example you take your own house. Plan out an exact route you’re going to take around your home. Lets say you start with your door and step into your foyer or hallway or whatever. Your shoe rack follows, then the kitchen, the living room, the master bedroom, the basement, your room, and so on. Map out the exact route you’re going to be mentally taking and firmly plant it in your head. Try not to deviate much.

Then take a list of things you want to remember – like a grocery list and try to place these things in your memory palace. Let’s say, for example, you need to remember to get some carrots, cottage cheese and a new screwdriver (I don’t know, Im just being random here). Now instead of just placing these things in your memory palace, you need to make them memorable – so that they’ll stick in your head.


For instance, you can imagine two giant carrots, dressed in tutus playing the trumpet and opening your doors for you with your neighbours pointing and laughing. Now that’s hard to forget. Next, imagine as soon as you get in, you smell a rotten stinking stench of cheese way past it’s expiry date and when you look on your coffee table, you see Miley Cyrus licking a hammer. You can probably see where I’m going with this – the more whacky and crazy – the more likely you are to remember it.


And that’s basically how it goes. The more you practise the better you get at it. You can put tonnes of information in your palace and in fact, you can have several palaces. There’s this Tumblr post I found that was really helpful that you could check out by clicking here. Hope you guys loved testing this out as much as I did!

Stay beautiful!

Deliya x 🙂


Fangirling Is A Proffession : Part 1

First things first for those newbies on the internet – what exactly are ‘fandoms’ and what exactly is ‘fangirling’? Now, I myself, being a professional fangirl, know all there is to know about fandoms (being a part of at least 16 at present). I could quite literally write a book about this (yes, I have a mental conditions, but oops, whatchya gonna do) but, just to break it down for all the fresh faces out here, here’s some things you’ve got to know about fandoms.

fangirlWe’re crazy. Like, literally, mental. If you’re not part of our fandom, or are against are fandom, then you’re either in mortal danger of being sucked into it, being scared shitless by us and/or death. But, wait, I’m going way too fast. Let me start with the basic terms every fangirl must be sufficiently equipped with before they can do anything (or nothing) in a fandom.


1.  Fandom – It is a ‘kingdom’ of fans of a certain book/movie/tv series. etc that are united in their extreme and obsessive love for that certain thing.

2. Fangirls – It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl. If you’re an active and obsessive member of a functional fandom, you’re called a fangirl. You’re most probably so overcome with feelings during your designated ‘fangirling’ sessions that you’re eventually rendered completely incapable of functioning in the real world. Welcome to the dark side!

3. OTP – It is the abbreviated form of ‘One-true-pairing’. It is a couple or any two characters from the book/movie/tv series, etc that you religiously wish together, or if they’re already together, then die constantly of happiness and imagine alternate realities for. You do NOT get in the way of or insult any fangirl’s OTP. If you end up dying a horrible fiery death, just remember that you’re the one who’d asked for it.

4. Ship – It isn’t a ship, in the literal sense. It is, simply put, 2 characters that you wish were a couple/thoroughly enjoy being a couple. For instance, if I ship Ramione (Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter) for instance then I think they’re (for the lack of a better phrase) totally perfect for each other/meant for each other.

5. Canon – It’s like an established truth. I don’t know, I can’t put it down any simpler.

I’m going to leave you with these five at first, but don’t think I haven’t got more for you.


See, I’ll tell you how it all starts…

At first, you just read a book/ watch a movie or whatever and enjoy it. Later, you go on the internet and start researching about it. Further stalking of characters, plot and anyone and everyone involved in the making of your new obsession will eventually lead you to see that there’s an entire community of people online from all over the world waiting to accept you into this new creepy little world you’ve discovered. It starts with you thinking to yourself that ‘Meh, its just one shirt and a little toy…and 3 collector’s items…What could possibly go wrong?’


And that, my friends is where it all really begins, because this is the point from where there is no turning back. Pretty soon, you’ll have collected everything in your budget that relates to that thing and will know everyone involved in this new fandom. At first, you’ll deny you have a problem, but gradually, you’ll accept that your normal, everyday functions are failing and you begin to accept you’re different and you’ll submit to your needs and feels. Eventually, you’ll pretty much be left alone at home on tumblr till late at night with no friends or plans whatsoever and you don’t even feel sorry because if you had to turn back time, there’s not a thing you’d change.


After awhile, you’ll start labeling the few friends that you do have left as ‘People who get it‘ and those who don’t. After awhile you start judging everyone new you meet depending on their breadth and depth of their knowledge on your fandom. This new person doesn’t know the name of the street walked down on episode 108? Too bad, they probably weren’t worth knowing anyway. Pretty soon, you’ll be thinking of nothing but your OTP and your fandom and capslock will be the only (albeit still insufficient) way left to express all the feels you have. Its a hell of a cycle and boy, is it tiring, but remember, a true fangirl never rests. There are fanfics to be written, and gifs to be made, what are you lying around for??


That’s all for guys, I’ll tell you more about how to properly identify and support other fandoms in the next section. Till, then, happy fangirling!

Deliya x 🙂


Things That Annoy Me : Part 1

We all live in a pretty irritating world, where we inevitably and regularly find things that piss us off. I know for a fact that there are at least a thousand things I can think, just off the top of my head, that bug me and get on my last nerve. So, I’ve decided that it is time to reveal (only part 1 of) the list of things that annoy me.

1. Laziness/Tardiness


Maybe it’s just me, but don’t you absolutely hate it when people say they’d do something or be somewhere by a certain time and they’re always always late? Like, is being punctual for once in your life a crime? And when my brother is sitting right next to the telephone whilst I’m in the other room and it starts to ring and he refuses to pick it up even though its right there and I have to end up racing down the hall to get it. Gosh, there’s nothing that ticks me off more than laziness.

2. Spell my name wrong


I get it if you do it by accident, but when you’ve known me for 9 years and you still decidedly spell it wrong on purpose, you’re just asking for a whack on the face. Come on people, its not that hard! Say it with me now, D-E-L-I-Y-A.

3. Swearing Too much


Don’t you just hate it when people (generally boys, though girls do it too) swear too much? It sounds so harsh and uncouth. Saying all those rude words doesn’t make you cool. It just makes you sound unpleasant and mean. I mean, yes, everyone uses them once in a while (aint no saints) to express deep-rooted emotions (of hatred, or love) but not all the time.

4. Slow/No Wi-fi


Do I even need to elaborate? Slow or no wi-fi is just such a mood-kill. Its just so terrible when you’re forced to go out into the daylight and mingle with other humans and then realize you’re almost to introvert-ish to function in normal society.

5. Bad grammar while texting


I mean, yes, everyone makes the occasional spelling/grammar mistake or the ‘lol/omg/rotfl’ abbreviations. But messing up your grammar and spelling on almost every word while you’re texting makes me just want to throw a dictionary in your face. Maybe its just me being a grammar Nazi, I don’t know.

6. TV commercials


Maybe I”m just over-exaggerating but why do TV companies think its OK to run the actual show for like 10 mins and then put on completely useless ads for absolute junk products for like 20 mins? Like I’m going to believe that that stupid shampoo will make my hair go from flat to as voluminous as an Afro in 1 wash. Yeah right,

7. Muggles


Need I even say more? Get out of my face, you non-believer! There is magic and as soon as I get my letter to Hogwarts (its running a couple years late), the first thing I’ll do is turn you into a toad.

Well, thats it for now. Of course, the list is truly never ending but I’ll got assignments staring at me from the edge of the room and I’ve just got to get to work already!


Deliya x 🙂

How To Make A Girl’s Day

So recently someone emailed me asking  how to make a girl feel special. I don’t know if this person asked as a friends or if this person likes a girl and wants to let her know she’s more than a friend to him. In any case, I thought I’d lend a hand to all those guys out there who’re wondering how to make their best girl friends or their girlfriends feel special. No matter who you are, here are some ways to make a girls day.

1. Compliment her


This one’s simple and outright and pretty much obvious. Ever girl wants to and loves to be complimented (who doesn’t?). Whether this is your girlfriend (or someone you wish was your girlfriend) or yourfriend, the simplest way to make her smile is compliment her. Now be sure to space out the compliments. Don’t just pour them all into a a paragraph and make it all awkward. Just lay them on from time to time and she’ll definitely feel special around you. Another thing is to make sure you don’t only compliment her on her body or looks. I mean, those are nice and all, but maybe a little compliment on her personality or her eyes would feel a bit more warm and from the heart?

2.Surprise her


A girl loves nothing more than proof that you’ve thought about her while she wasn’t in front of you. Make sure you know her well enough to get her something you know she’ll totally love. Maybe she’s a girly girl and loves bracelets and necklaces? Or maybe she’s a tomboy who likes hats and skateboards. Or a chocoholic? You’ve got to know her well enough to get her something she’ll love. In fact,ever better, is when you make her a gift. There’s nothing more personal than something you grew/made/organised on your own. Thats when shit gets real.

3. Don’t lie


There’s absolutely NOTHING a girl hates more than being lied to, so the simple obvious other is to not lie to her. Girls being the way they are, generally know the truth (80% of the time) so why risk it?

4. Act Like You Care…


Another simple way to make a girls day is listen to her. Talk to her, go out to eat with her, do something fun with her. In other words, show her you care. That spending time with her is something you like doing. That being seen in public with her (and not always your guy friends) is something you’re not only ‘macho’ enough to do but also love doing. Take her somewhere fun and interesting, make plans for her and listen to what she says. Girls love it when you remember the little things they’ve said earlier. It shows you were actually paying attention.

5. Always notice


Guys I don’t know why, but this is really important to a girl : always ALWAYS notice when a girl does something new to her hair or her look in general. This is essential to both your happiness and that of the girl in question’s.

6. Respect her


No girl likes a guy who’s always acting like a douche or a little bit too full of himself. I mean, yes, its definitely a fact that us girls are somehow more attracted to guys who aren’t total mama’s boys (a.k.a. the infamous bad boy) but even girls know the limit to acting like a jerk. Your girl deserves to be treated with respect – whether its to her opinions and decisions or to her body and personality. Also, make sure you’re not always talking about yourself when you’re with her. Try to listen to her and ask her how her day was for a change?

7. Don’t take ages to respond


The last (and one of the most important) thing I’m going to tell you is to not take ages to respond to her text. You don’t seem busy, you just seem like a self-obsessed idiot. Its not nice to make a girl wait hours before you respond to her text. Another thing that goes along with this one is to send her a “Good morning” text. Let her know she was the first thing on your mind when you woke up. Girls love good morning texts, don’t ask us why because we probably couldn’t explain it to you anyway. Just do it.


All in all guys, don’t be a complete good boy (break the rules for her once in a while) but be sweet and nice and thoughtful. Be there for her when she needs you and be patient with her (as she is with you). Stand up for her and keep her smiling and that ought to let her know you mean something to her. Hope that helped you!

Stay beautiful!

Deliya x 🙂

Things Disney Movies Taught Me

Even though Disney movies are produced essentially for kids, there is not one person I know (or choose to associate with) who doesn’t have that one favourite pick that they can watch any time, any place with some ice cream and a slight fangirling session (mine is definitely Peter Pan). It’s just the way life works. Simple as that.

So yesterday I went to the movies with a couple of girlfriends (we’d decided to give her a grand all-out fancy GNO to get over her broken heart) and what better than a Disney movie to ease the pain? We ended up watching Hercules and (surprise surprise) I loved it, even though I’d already watched it earlier. So today I thought I’d blog about what Disney movies teach us, just as a tribute to their all-round awesomeness. Lets begin, shall we?

1. Peter Pan


This one’s my favourite so obviously it had to go first. I think the main message goes along the lines of growing older and mature, but never really growing up. We all want to foster and sustain a piece of childish innocence in us, no matter how old we grow. We want to laugh at the top of our lungs and not care what others think and just do what we want, as we used to when we were children. Something to remember of Tinkerbell’s character is that you can be small and powerful at the same time-one does not prevent the other. Another thing we learn from Peter Pan is that thinking positively can work wonders (it can even make you fly) but if a boy shows up at your window, he’s (more likely than not) going to be trouble.

 2. Hercules


An important thing to learn from Meg’s life is that, without first thinking things through thoroughly, you mustn’t completely uproot your life and ways for someone else. Also, you mustn’t let the mistakes of your past let you ruin or hamper with the opportunities that lie for you in the future. Hercules shows us how simply being famous or a celebrity doesn’t automatically make you a role-model and that you have to earn your way into being a hero or a ‘god’.

3. Finding Nemo


Three of the most important things that Finding Nemo shows us is, first, that being forgetful doesn’t mean you’re stupid and being happy doesn’t make you weird. Second is that family might annoy you at times but when you’re in trouble, they would literally cross the oceans and seas to find and save you. And lastly, when life gets you down, no matter what, always ALWAYS keep moving ahead and keep your head up.

4. Pocahontas


Listening to your parents is important, but so is standing up for what you believe in. Everything has life and everyone deserves to be treated with equal respect whether your skin is brown or white. The earth is not a dead thing you can claim and you cannot judge people before you know them or walk in their shoes just by their appearance.

5. Alice In Wonderland


Imagination and creativity can take you wonderful and amazing places. You don’t have to be like everyone else and its OK to be nervous and different.

6. The Lion King


Its OK to remember and think about the past, but we have to remember that bad things happen and that instead of sulking and brooding over what was, we can imagine and plan of what could be. You mustn’t believe everything you hear. True friends accept you, the true you, all of you, farts and all. Hakuna Matata!

7. Beauty and the Beast


The most obvious take-home from this one is that you mustn’t judge everyone by their physical appearance. A terrible beast may actually be a kind-hearted romantic prince on the inside. Also, it’s OK to be an oddball and love books. – books take you all sorts of new places, but make sure you’re not too caught up. Always learn to appreciate the beauty thats inside.

8. A Bug’s Life

A Bugs Life

Its OK to be weird and original and creative, even if noone else is with you. If you work together, there are no enemies to big too defeat and no problems too big to solve.

9. Toy Story & Monsters Inc.

img-thing             tumblr_m5iyjjV8Xx1ryvkawo1_500

No matter what the hurdles may be or how hard the challenges ahead may seem, we will do anything, risk anything for those we love and truy care for.

10. Cars

tumblr_m5o8a43KV01qm4we9o1_500 (2)

You are not a champion simply by the number of trophies on your wall. The true treasures and the greatest of victories are the lessons you learn and the people you meet along the journey of life.

11. Up


You are never too old to try out new things. Dreams and true love live in your heart till the end of time, till your very last breath. The adventure never ends.

Stay beautiful!

Deliya x 🙂

The Rules For Being Human

Hello everyone!
Recently I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since there’s been a lot going on in my life and its all been complicated and mixed up and a complete hot mess.

When you’re 17 or 18 as I am, there’ll be a lot of big life decisions to make and it can be very scary. An all-too-fast, all-too-real train into a misty unknown future thats just overwhelming you and the pressure starts pulling you under.


So this week I sat down to sort out my thoughts in my little blue notebook and I narrowed everything down to its basics : what I need to remember and reorganise and what I dont. What I need to worry about and what not. The basics of my life, so to speak. So here are some things I personally think everyone needs to remember for life that made me realise there are a lot of things we worry about for no absolute reason that just end up overly complicating our lives. (Shit is about to get real.)

1. Love Yourself


This one’s been sung over to death but who really follows it? How much simpler our lives would be if we just learned to love ourselves, as we are. How much time would we save each day not worrying excessively about what others will think of what we do, how we do it, when, why and how we look. Love our bodies, love our minds, love our hearts and love our souls. Its the only way we can spread love and joy to others – when we learn to love ourselves first.

2. Life teaches you lessons


From kings to paupers, life spares no one of lessons – albeit of different kinds. Everyone fights their own battles in life, and its not god to judge others’ or assume they have it easier.  Noone’s life is fair or easy, and you might as well get used to the idea before you’re too disappointed later. Life bitch-slaps you sometimes, just for the heck of it, but everytime you get up, remember that it was just life trying to teach you something and you’re a better person for it.

3. No mistakes, only lessons


Life never EVER stops teaching you lessons so dont expect it to let up. You WILL make mistakes, theres absolutely no doubt about that, but to learn from them is the true test. Unless and until you do, life will keep throwing the same lessons back to you, harsher and larger each time until you finally get it. So learn your lessons the first time over. Revise your mistakes but don’t relive them.

4. Stop looking outside


Stop looking for the answers to life and love in the outside world. (I know it sounds cheesy but) the answers are all inside of you, as long as you’re willing to look for them long enough and hard enough. You will find what you’re searching for in the end. Look, listen and trust your insticts, they will guide you.

5. The grass isn’t greener


The grass isn’t greener on the other side. Its the greenest here and now, where you groom and water it. Even if you do cross over and reach ‘there’ or ‘the other side’ where the grass is supposedly greener, you’ll just end up finding another ‘there’ which is even greener and you’ll never be happy. So be content with what you have and where you are and do your best from there. Make your grass the greenest of all.

I’m going to stop now before I get too emotional over all this, but this is what I feel we must all always remember and incorporate in our lives. Simple things that easier said than done – but make our lives infinitely easier. Hope this helped some of you, the way it helped me.

Stay strong,

Deliya x 🙂

Catching up : Of Freedom & To-Do Lists

Hello everyone!

So I haven’t been posting very often recently and I’m sorry about that. I’ve been having exams up until now but they’re finally over (as of today) so YAY!!! I have NO idea how they went but I’m just glad 1 entire month of studying is finally done with. Time to let my hair down and have some fun.

I’ve got a lot of stuff to catch up on – my blog, for one; shopping, completing ‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 7, watching all the anime I’ve been piling up for later, cleaning my room (total freedom was never even an option, was it mum?)  and of course, birthday celebrations (my own and one of my best friends’!)

First things first, how is everyone? I hope you’re all just as glad as I am right now! My to do list’s just been piling on so here I am, cleaning up my bookbag, sorting through my stuff and thinking about the things I need to do. I just noticed that September’s just flown by hasn’t it? All this while, I’ve been studying and I hardly noticed it pass by (darn you exams!). Even so, its been a great month and I’ve a lot to be thankful for – my uncle survived his operation, my birthday was great, my brother got into college and everything is just perfect. September’s been good to me and I hope October will be even better.

I also have a big announcement to make – I’m going to be writing a book. Well, trying to anyway. I had this really great idea about what it would be about while I was busy daydreaming when I should’ve been studying (figures) and I jotted it down, thank goodness, and here I am, already putting my thoughts to ink! I can’t wait!

Stay beautiful!

Deliya x 🙂


Music This Week : Tonight Alive

So recently, my twin sister made me listen to this song ‘Lonely Girl’ by Tonight Alive. I’d never heard of either the song or that band, and I pretty much assumed it was going to be like all her other favourite songs (she has a weird taste in music) and braced myself.



I didn’t hate it. I was so surprised when I didn’t only NOT hate it but actually found myself enjoying it. There’s a lot of loud singing, sure, but the music and lyrics made me want to dance (of course I didnt because I’d started out telling my sister that I was going to hate it and when I didnt, I didnt want to see that smug look on her face. You’d get it if you had a twin. Or a sibling, in general).


Needless to say, as soon as she’d left I proceeded to excessively stalk the band and find out everything there was to know about them (duh.) Here’s what I could deduce – they’re an Australian band of five formed in 2008. Most of their music is punk or pop, I suppose. They’ve worked with All Time Low (love them!), Radio Drive By, Simple Plan (obssessed with them), We are in the Crowd and many others. Their self-funded album All Shapes and Diguises released about 3 years ago, sold 1000s of copies in Australia and Japan.

Two years ago, the band travelled to LA and recorded their debut album What Are You Scared Of?

Anyway, they’re definitely on the rise and they have an amazing voice (oh and heads up, their drummer and lead guitarist are gorgeous; you’re welcome). Their lead vocalist is Jenna McDoughall and she has a very strong, dominating and steady voice I really love.


Keep your head high!

Deliya x 🙂

A Stop at the Bookshop : Thoughts and Favourites

So, since school’s only just started and we’ve been having holidays all this while, I’ve been reading a lot. New additions to my bookshelf are very exciting for me, because most of the time, my pocket money is always over before I know it, and I havent managed to buy more than a book a month. Luckily, September was birthday month so all my aunts and uncles and grandparents gave me enough cash for more than a couple of books, and knowing me and my lack of social skills, I sat at home and read them all before school began.


The first book on my book-list for you guys is Insurgent by Veronica Roth (the second book in the Divergent Series) and I think the Kindle Edition of the book is just 2 pounds or so. I was so glad that this wasn’t like one of those books where the first book is amazing and the sequel was terrible comparatively. This book was extremely interesting to read – Tris Prior continues trying to save everything and everyone she loves and cares about. Thrill, grief, loyalty, love, betrayal, forgiveness and politics are splattered on every page and is a must-have on the book shelf of every book lover.


The next book is the long-awaited sequel to ‘Shatter Me’ by Tahereh Mafi – ‘Unravel Me’ definitely did not disappoint. The passion, the fear, the hopes and dreams, decisions, consequences and the importance making a stand – its all over the pages of this amazing book. People are not always as they seem – its the thing you learn every time you turn a page. Julliet Ferrars’ gifts find new boundaries, her heart explores new-found love and her mind battles with her choices and her morals as everything breaks down and comes together once again in this ground-breaking sequel.


If youre an obssessive Percy Jackson fan like I am, then this book The Mark Of Athena (Book 3 in the Heroes Of Olympus) is an absolute must have on your shelf. Seven brave demi-gods set out to find and close the doors to Hell. Can they do it? Can Annabeth find and save Percy or will she lose him again? Find out in the amazing sequel to The Son of Neptune where Rick Roirdan works his magic again. Oh and the next book the Home Of Hades is coming out some time next month (I cant wait!) so be sure to check it out when it comes!


The last book I’m going to write about (there are more but I’ve got to go soon) is the City Of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare (the fifth book in the Mortal Instruments Series). Is there a price that is too high to pay, even for love? Clarissa Morgenstern is about to find out when the one true love of her life Jace Lightwood is bound with her evil brother Sebastian. As she sets out to find him, and set things right, things get complicated, love is tested and questioned, the past becomes a bit less blurry and a the hope of a happy future a bit more out of reach – or so it seems. Its an amazing follow up of her previous book and now I just cant wait to find out how it all ends and comes together in her 6th and final book City of Heavenly Fire (thats releasing some time next year).


Thats it for now. I’ll probably get to the rest of my September Reading List later, but for now, Happy Reading!

Deliya x 🙂