What Makes You Indispensable

Most of you guys are, like me, about an age where planning your future is starting to become essential. You prepare, dream, and work for your goals and hope that it’s all getting you somewhere. But, most you guys are, like me, also probably at least a bit lost and afraid. Whether it’s of the unexplained change the future might bring, the things you don’t know about or beating the competition. It’s all new and big and scary and hurts my head to think about it sometimes.

At such times, thinking about how to stand out from a crowd, separating yourself from the sea of other faces becomes the next pragmatic thought process. Making yourself an indispensable member of whatever organisation or team you plan to join is not easy. Everybody else is trying to do it – you’re not the only one. But you need to be.

However I think there are some ways in which you can make yourself marketable to your potential employers or colleges (excluding being a sycophant). They’re not very easy but definitely achievable targets that one can aim towards to stick out.

1. Upgrade your skills

The best way, I think, to stay marketable is to avoid being stale and out-dated. Keeping your knowledge and skill set current, fresh and relevant can greatly enhance your marketability. This may include upgrading your communication skills or technological know-how but it is a smart investment for your future. The more you’re willing to learn and open up to the idea of improvement, the better your chances are out there. Strengthening your abilities and qualifications (or gaining new ones!) increases your value greatly. Make sure to stay on top by being informed and anticipating what skills your potential employers deem important for the future.

2. Be Flexible

In an ever-dynamic world with a diverse job-market, being flexible is crucial. Keep an open mind. It builds a good reputation for you as a well-connected and necessitous worker.


I hope this helps any of you guys who, like me, were wondering what the most marketable skills were that one needed to make one indispensable in the job market.

This post was inspired by Webucator.com ‘s Ask Series as part of their “Most Marketable Skill” Campaign.

Stay amazing!

Deliya x 🙂


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