Clothing Haul

I’ve splurged quite a bit on new clothes this month (sorry not sorry) and experimented quite a lot with loads of new cuts so here I am telling you about it. Enjoy!


1. Blazer

Image 1 of ASOS Blazer with Dropped Hem Detail

I’ve had to go to 2 semi-formal occasions this past month, and that is why this Asos Blazer with Dropped Hem Tail has been so absolutely darling to me. It has slim lapels and has an open front, not to mention it’s in the most adorable light pink colour.

Buy it Now!


2. High Waist Denim Mom Shorts

Image 4 of ASOS High Waist Denim Mom Shorts in Bliss Light Wash

Summer is finally upon us and what would I do in this warm weather without these ASOS High Waist Denim Mom Shorts? I can’t believe I went this long without any high-waisted shorts but my days of distress are over! These light blue cotton shorts have ripped detail and are a must-have this summer!

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3. Sleeveless Oversized Sweater Dress

Image 1 of Daisy Street Sleeveless Oversized Sweater Dress

This Daisy Street Sleeveless Oversized Sweater Dress is to die for. It has a printed motif in the front and a crew neckline and is so comfy! I was unsure buying it at first as I wasn’t sure if over-sized dresses were the look for me but it looks absolutely gorgeous.

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4. Black Dress

Image 1 of Free People Dress with Cut Out Dress

OK, I admit this dress was a little pricey but it’s worth every penny. It is a Free People Casual Cut Out Dress with cut detail to the neckline and a dipped back hem and it’s super light! I often wear it with some black leather biker boots and a red checked shirt tied to my waist and it looks adorable.

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5. Dungarees

Image 1 of American Apparel Dungarees

These American Apparel Dungarees are my absolute favourites! They’re super comfy and have pockets and adjustable buckles. I can’t even describe how important these are in a girl’s closet.

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6. Off-Shoulder Crop Top and Floral Trousers

Image 1 of Vero Moda Floral Trousers

This American Apparel Off Shoulder Crop Top looks like it was made for these Vero Moda Floral Trousers. They are simply adorable together, nuff said.

Buy the top and trousers!


7. Prom Dress

Image 1 of Forever Unique Lace Prom Dress

This Forever Unique Lace Prom Dress has contrast lace embroidery and a rounded neckline and is just breathtaking. I don’t even have prom but I just bought it because, well, do I need a reason?

Buy it Now!


That’s all for now! Hope you loved it!

Stay amazing!

Deliya x 🙂


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