15 Things Only Twins Will Get

So, in case you guys didn’t know, I’m a twin. (Hold ALL of your stupid comments and jokes and puns about twins, no matter how darn funny you might find them.) Being a twin isn’t easy, no matter what the commercialized versions show you. It’s a hard life. I mean, yes, you have someone to fall back on when nobody else is there for you, and, yes, you have someone who’s going through the same stuff as you and with you so you can always relate. So yes, you’re never alone, physically or mentally.

Source : giphy.com

But seriously, you normal people just do not understand the toils that us twins go through on a daily basis. So for, all the twins out there, this ones for you!


1. The countless times we have to explain to people that NO, we do NOT have a telepathic connection and NO we cannot feel the others’ pain

Source : molleh-gifhunter.tumblr.com

2. That awkward moment when somebody (like a teacher) confuses you for your twin and you just feel like rolling your eyes and playing along ’cause you just aint got the time

Source : thegifs-queen.tumblr.com

3. Having to deal with some Grade-A Butts who try to tell you which one of you is better-looking (the nerve!)

4. Dealing with the occasional identity crisis because of having spent your entire life being confused for the other

5. Rolling your eyes in frustration when you’re taken as a unit and not as 2 separate individuals

6. That wonderful feeling of instant companionship when you meet other twins

Source : gifsoup.com

7. Getting sick and tired of the constant comparison between you both but not being able to do anything about it because its the only way people tell you apart

8. Explaining to people that sharing (our clothes, books, etc) is a part of our nature; we never think about it

9. Trying to tell people that we don’t know any different so your questions are irrelevant

10. The oh-so-obvious gawking and obligatory questions

11. Always having someone to have your back

Source : ygigurorag.herobo.com

12. Learning to respond to your twins’ name

13. “So which one of you both is the evil twin?” – Shut it.

14. Having lots of inside jokes because of a shared sense of humour

Source : dead-over-heels-rph.tumblr.com

15. Having someone to discuss problems with…always!


That’s all I’ve got for you guys now, I’ll see you guys soon! (or not, I have exams next week.)


Stay amazing,

Deliya x 🙂


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