I Challenge You

Today’s post is all about dreams. And challenges, of course.

I was sitting on the edge of my bed yesterday wondering about what on Earth I would blog about that everybody who read this could relate to and suddenly it hit me. What is the one thing that everybody on the planet has in common? We all have dreams. Some are big, some are small, some are crazy and some are life-changing. But they’re all possible. Everybody wants to achieve something, to live in a better world. In any case, today, all I’m here to say is that whether your dream is to beat somebody at arm-wrestling, ace your exams or end world hunger, it is possible.

Live Your Dreams

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You just have to believe in it. No, it’s not going to easy. You know that, and if you don’t, you should. It’s hard to motivate yourself to work hard, because anybody can dream but to work to make your dreams a reality is another ball-game altogether.

My mum always says that if you want to get something, you always had to give something in return. There are no free lunches. You’re going to have to work really hard, be determined to see your work through to the end, come what may, and you’ve got to donate your time, effort and blood, sweat and tears on this mission. It’s a tough world out there, with millions like you trying to make it big.

Live your dreams!

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You’re going to face disappointment, you’re going to experience failure and you’re almost definitely going to want to give up at one point or another. But no matter how you feel, you need to push on, because that success story, that vision of victory that’s playing in your head, that is possible, and it can happen to you. Greatness is your calling. Own it.

Dream High

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Some people live there whole life in a trance – just doing the things everyone else is doing, going the places everyone else is going and hence achieving the things in life that everyone else has already achieved. So, obviously, when you stick out, when you take risks, when you try to be different, you will face discouragement. Don’t fall prey to the everyday gossip of the everyday person. They’re just a face in the crowd of all the people that look exactly like them. No matter what, don’t give up until you win.

Dream Your Dreams

Source : s-world.tumblr.com

So today, I challenge you.


Source : allyjamesily.tumblr.com

I challenge you to have the courage to follow your dreams, no matter how hard it is.

Plan your goals

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I challenge you to drown out the noise of the crowd and believe in and trust yourself above all others.

I'm doing this.

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I challenge you to love yourself before you love anybody else.

Those who work

Source : weheartit.com

I challenge you to invest in yourself – your mind, your body and your personality.

Don't quit now

Source : addicted2success.com

I challenge you to create yourself.

Earn your success

Source : crossfitxd.com

I challenge you to keep going.

Not an option

Source : pinterest.com

But above all, I challenge you to never give up on yourself.

Because, in the end, you’re all you have anyway.

Stay strong,

Deliya x 🙂


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