10 Things Guys Should Know About Girls

There are many things guys should know about girls. But being the ignorant twats (totally a term of endearment) they are, they don’t. So let me spell it out for you guys so you get it. You’re welcome.


1. Girls hint

Girls don’t like flat-out saying what we want. We want you to figure out what we want by dropping hints. And guys almost never get it. Which sucks. So stop being ignorant and pay attention to what a girl is saying so you’ll get the hint she’s trying to give you. It’s that simple.


2. Girls believe in fate

Girls have watched Disney and/or Nicholas Sparks or whatever else they blame for having high romantic standards. So they like to believe in fate, destiny and true love. Just go with it. Don’t crush our high.


3. Girls like to be serenaded

It’s just a fact of life. We don’t care if you like it. But you better.


4. We’re just like you (well, almost)

Just like you don’t like hearing about our exes, we hate hearing about yours. It’s just not worth it, so don’t.


5. We like it when you look at us

Yeah. Pretty self explanatory.


6. Girls aren’t complicated

Contrary to popular belief (or not, I wouldn’t know) girls are not complicated. Give us what we want and we all go home happy.


7. We hate your games

We don’t like your mind games. In fact, we hate them. Grow up and stop playing. You’re going to end up losing anyway.


8. We have bad days

It’s just not our day sometimes. Nothing’s going right and we feel like hot messes. Understand and respect that. It happens. Deal with it.


9. We all care about how we look

No matter what we say, we all care if we look presentable. Therefore, it is your job to tell us how we look (which is beautiful all the time, because, let’s be honest, girls are goddamn gorgeous). Not that we need your validation, it’s just your opinion makes us feel better.


10. But not as much as our personality

We want to hear about how beautiful we look but not as much we want to hear how amazing we are. Tell us we’re confident and kind and sweet. We love it.

That is all.


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