Reasons To Get Obsessed with Lorde

Every once in awhile, an artist shoots up to the top. Now, they may or may not actually be good, they may be a one-hit wonder but one thing I know about Lorde is that! Here are some reasons why you should love her too. Because let’s be serious, we all needed an artist like her since Miley started twerking.


1. Her lyrics

Let’s be real, in this age where all songs are about boys, partying and drinking, Lorde’s lyrics are a breath of fresh air. They aren’t crap, which is saying something since she writes them on her own! She’s 17 for God’s sake. It’s amazing.


2. She’s feminist

FINALLY! A female artist who actually portrays feminine strength in her music. Someone who is finally sick of hearing women artists go “I’m nothing without you, Don’t leave me,” and all the rest. She believes in it and is strong enough to point out even big stars like Selena Gomez who she thinks are being non-feminist. It’s totally refreshing.


3. She can actually sing

Say goodbye to all the autotuned crap you’ve been listening to, because guess what? The music industry finally got a singer whose vocal chords don’t sound like shit without autotune!


4. She’s so totally normal

Unlike many celebrities that give off the whole unattainable and perfect vibe where their hair is never out of place and they’re always smiling and camera-ready with their gorgeous custom-made outfits, Lorde has a messy room, messy hair and a signature all-black outfit. Down-to-earth and not an egomaniac – that’s what we love.


5. She’s only 17

She’s just 17 years old and she’s already deeper, and more awesome than I’ll ever be. (Yeah, it’s kinda depressing). She’s already won 2 Grammy’s and she She’s from New Zealand and she’s a kick-ass performer.


6. She’s mature

She’s super mature for a high-schooler. It shines through her lyrics, the way she talks and hold herself. It’s sort of scary but so different.


So basically, she’s my queen.

I absolutely love her. If you haven’t already checked her out then you should go see her website!

Buy her album Pure Heroine!

Stay amazing!

Deliya x 🙂


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