Counting Stars : The Meaning Behind the Music

Almost everyone has heard this amazing hit by one of my all-time favourite bands, ‘OneRepublic‘, from their Native Album released last year. The song has taken the world for a spin – it topped charts in several countries and became one of the band’s most famous singles.

Even though the song was mind-blowing and catchy, the meaning behind the music is what caught me most about this song. It’s not a random mesh of words or just another song about partying and drinking like most pop songs nowadays are. It was pretty deep and I think Ryan Tedder (lead singer) did a really good job of it.

Everybody knows it’s easy finding a glamorous dream or passion you wanna follow, but it’s hard to achieve it. The road to your goal is filled with obstacles, not to mention a tonne of hard work and exhaustion. As such, people want distractions from all of it and tend to get easily side-tracked. This song was all about how addictions can get the better of you and how these very ‘distractions’ can make your success impossible – how they can sink you without a trace into the deep dark waters of broken dreams from which there is no return.

Some say the song is about a drug-addict and his struggle to give up the addiction for his loved one and his ultimate failure to do so, leading to his loved one leaving him. Others say it is about a man’s wish to be able to provide for his loved one in a time of financial crisis. Either way, he seems to be unsuccessful as the thought of his failure keeps him awake at night and makes him loose sleep.

Basically, the song is about the hopeless want of a better life even though all personal attempts have been in vain. This song is a beauty and I truly loved listening to it. Make sure to buy OneRepublic’s album Native if you haven’t already!

Stay amazing!

Deliya x 🙂



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