Rules of Social Media

When it comes to social media, not all of us are as into its functioning as others. There are lots of different types of people on the internet. Some are professional, some are amateurs; some use it all the time, some rarely visit it. However, no matter what sort of people they are, there are some who just don’t know what to do (and what is acceptable) on social media.

And so, here are some rules of social media that everyone should know and follow.


1. Do NOT over-share

Yeah, we all know someone who constantly bitches about other people online or talks about their teachers (or bosses) and parents in poor light on social media. Here’s a news-flash to you people, that is not cool. We look at your updates and think “Really? Did you just stoop that low?”

In fact, that is the exact way you lose peoples’ respect for you. Stop trying to diss people online. Just, stop.


2. Do not share weird pictures

OK, keeping in mind you have your parents (or children), your teachers (or bosses), etc on your social media platform and not just your friends, you just cannot post anything you want. It’s just not nice waking up and seeing a revealing or awkward or weird picture of someone you respect online. Either change your privacy settings or don’t post those things. Otherwise, it’s just gonna end up being awkward for you to explain.


3. Beware of what you ‘retweet’ or ‘like’ or (whatever)

Keep in mind people can see the things you retweet and the pages you follow. You may like/be attracted to/obsessed with something or someone, or maybe have a weird fetish (and that’s fine, it’s totally your call), but maybe it’s not worth sharing with the world. Unless its socially acceptable, maybe you should keep it to yourself to avoid yourself the embarrassment. We don’t wanna be like :


4. Do NOT overdo the selfie

It’s perfectly OK to take pictures of yourself (when nobody is around to do it for you). But when you’re

a) making a stupid facial expression (duckface) and/or,

b) revealing more of your body than we need or want to see

then it’s not worth putting onto social media. Not everyone wants to see what you look like when you’re half naked or when you have brain transplants with a duck.


5. Don’t mess up the language

To people who do this,

Why do you do it?!

I’m sorry, but at the risk of sounding like a Grammar Nazi, I would like to tell all you children who don’t know what ‘spelling’, ‘grammar’ and ‘punctuation’ is, go get a damn dictionary or go back to primary school. Trying to decode your texts is going to be that much easier if you use your senses when you’re typing.



6. Don’t give us too much information

There are some people who turn every little happening in their life into an event. Having lunch? Let me post that. Drinking coffee? Instagram that. Going to the mall? Let me tweet about it. Watching TV? Tumblr’s the answer.

Have you ever thought about the fact that maybe, just maybe, we don’t care? I’m sure that coffee was life-changing and your TV serial was oh-so-sensational, but we don’t need to hear everything about your day. There is such a thing as TMI (Too Much Information), you know.


Stay amazing,

Deliya x 🙂


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