Things People Should NOT Do In Public (But Do)

There are many stupid and/or irritating things people do in public that they just shouldn’t. But they do. And this makes it suck for all us normal (?) people out there. So my advice to you is : stop. Just, stop.

Don’t know which category you belong to? Let me help you out.

Here are some things people do in public that they shouldn’t.


1. Take selfies in public bathrooms

Why do you need to this right now? And here of all places. You don’t look ‘cute’ (especially not in a bathroom). Not even Rachel McAdams would look ‘cute’ in a bathroom selfie. (OK, maybe she would, but you get my drift). You’re taking up my already limited bathroom space and time. Oh and if you keep doing it, all people in the toilet watching you take these should be able to comment on your facial expressions without you being offended by their comments, because clearly, this is a public thing now. It’s not just you and the phone. It’s you, everybody’s space, time and patience and the phone.


2. Wear ripped tights

Sorry Miley and whoever else is doing this. Ripped jeans? Meh, OK I guess. But ripped tights? Now you’re just looking for ways to look homeless. I mean, come on. At the risk of sounding like a prude, we don’t care if you have long or shapely legs. Get some proper pants on! Where’s the dignity in clothe wearing if everything you own is torn?


3. Talking loudly in restaurants

We know you think you’re awesome and that everyone has got to know what you’ve got to say, but maybe we don’t want to be in on your conversation. Maybe we’re having own own conversations, did you think of that? It just makes me go like,

Or on more sassy days when I’m feeling judgmental about their life,


4. People who text or talk during a movie

Maybe it’s the constant bleeping of your phone or maybe its either you or your screaming bratty children, but when you make noises at the movie, come prepared for the hate.


5. People who spit chewing gums on sidewalks

What the hell? You just did that shamelessly in broad daylight. What is wrong with you? That’s just gross (not to mention plain evil to the person who steps on it later in the day). If you’re going to do something uncouth and hateful, at least have the decency to wait for dark.


That’s all for now guys! More later I guess…

I think I might’ve been a bit dramatic on this one…Nah, I wasn’t.

Stay amazing!

Deliya x 🙂


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