Things Girls Hate That Guys Do…

There are many things guys don’t think about as annoying when they’re doing it, but is. I’m not saying this is necessarily applicable to all guys, but in general, here are a couple of things that guys do that piss girls off (because, lets face it, guys need a lot of help in that department).

1. When he’s too ‘scared’ to make a move

Trust me, there is nothing less hot than a guy who’s too wimped out to make the first move. It’s not fun, and after a point, the girl just moves on, thinking you’re not into her. Just suck it up and go for it already because she’s still waiting for you (as long as you’re at least 50% sure she likes you more than a friend – I mean, don’t spring on a random girl you like but who doesn’t know you exist because that would be fruitless and creepy).

2. When he flirts with other girls

This is so classic. Girls hate it when guys flirt with every girl except her to get her attention. It doesn’t make you more desirable in our eyes. It just makes you a flirt and a player. You clearly don’t like her that much or you wouldn’t play games like this.

3. When you don’t trust her

Girls hate it when a guys always suspect them with her guy friends. Being protective is cute and all, but allow her to have guy friends. Jealousy isn’t hot. Don’t be a damn caveman and punch a guy who was just talking to her, that’s not OK. Don’t give her grief for hanging out with her boy best friend. Trust her, basically.

4. When you don’t text her back

When guys see your text and then, strategically reply an hour from then, that’s when the downward spiral starts. Text her back! It’s not that hard. Maybe even text her first? How hard is it to send one simple text? NOT HARD. Suck it up and call her. Believe me, you’ll be just as much of a man after. Also, there is a fine line of difference between ‘ily’, ‘i luv u’ and ‘I love you’. Remember that.

5. When you don’t defend her when needed when you’re with your friends

One thing is being over-protective. Completely another thing is being protective when necessary. Don’t let anyone diss/insult your girl. Just because you’re with your friends does NOT give you the right to be all cocky and different. Set the boundaries with your friends, and get it in your head that neither you nor any of your friends have the right to diss her just because you have strength in numbers.

6. When you push her away from your work/hobby

This is just kind of an extension on the previous one – let her in on what you do. Let her share your hobby even if she sucks at it, she’ll feel special that you let her try.

7. When you make the relationship all about the ‘physical’ stuff

I think this pretty much speaks for itself. It should be about more than her body. End of story.

8. When you give other girls your clothes

Clothe-giving is special to girls and your girl feels special when you give her your clothing. It’s like a reminder that she’s your whenever she wears it and when you’re not with her. So even if your girl says it OK to give your jacket to another girl when it’s blowing a hail outside, don’t freaking do it. Just, don’t.

9. When you lie to her

It all starts with a little white lie. And eventually snowballs into a whirlwind of deception. Don’t lie. I mean, if you have to, it means you have something to hide. So don’t.

No, I did not break up with my boyfriend, and no we’re not going through a rough patch. We’re just fine, this one’s for a sister (not literally, I mean, a best friend).

Stay beautiful,

Deliya x 🙂


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