What “Frozen” Taught Me

First of all, Disney Animations are my favourite movies of all time, so duh, I had to watch this as soon as it came out. This movie is different from most of the normal Disney Princess movies and has a lot to say and, as such, I’m going to say it.

1. Love at first sight does not exist



You can’t marry someone you just met. That’s just not how it works. You can’t fall in love with someone at first sight without knowing a single thing about them. Yes, he might be dashingly handsome, heck, he might even be a prince, but that does not mean he’s the one for you. You can’t lock eyes for two seconds or marry the first guy that comes along because, chances are, you’re going to regret it.

2. Accept yourself. Don’t bottle it all inside



Don’t thing for one second that you’re all alone and that nobody understands you. I mean, we all have that feeling sometimes but there always people who want to reach out to you – your family and friends who would die for you. Don’t close the doors. Don’t make your walls so high and your ice palace so hard to break through that even the ones who love you can’t get in. The cold might not bother you, but sharing your pain can never make it worse.

3. True love isn’t just your knight in shining armor, it’s your family too

Unlike the old chiche stereotype that true love is just when you meet ‘that perfect guy’, this movie shows us how an act of true love is not just a kiss from the prince. It can even be sacrificing your life for your family, the ones you truly love.

4. Redefining a “Disney Princess”


Unlike the usual definition of a princess, which is pretty, delicate and in love, this is finally a movie which shows the female royalty in strong light – with their own mind and personality with great power and the courage to use it to defend what matters most to them. The emotional strength to stay cheerful after dreadful loss, the determination to search for love, the will to live and fight for what is right and what you believe in, no matter what.

5. Dream big



Live for your dreams. No matter how big or scary or irrational they might seem to you or others around you, dream big and don’t stop till you achieve it. The happiness you feel when you get there is worth melting for.

6. Your prince could be a peasant, but it doesn’t matter because you love him



The guy who sticks by you through thick and thin and fights for you, is the guy for you, not the one with the money bags.

Thats all for now guys! If you haven’t already watched frozen, you’ve got to watch it…NOW. Go on, what’re you waiting for?

Stay beautiful.

Deliya x 🙂


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