Things Every Girl Should Have

No long intro, no explanations. Right into it, here we go.

1. A go-to karaoke song.


2. A favourite book you own at least one hard copy of.


3. A breakup song that makes you feel better. Basically, a song for every major emotion you go through.


4. Enough self-respect to know when to walk away from a bad situation or relationship.


5. The confidence to be her own person, not defined by anyone else.


6. The self-assurance to dance like nobody’s watching.


7. A best friend that will let you do you and make you feel proud of it. Who is not jealous of your achievements, but proud.


8. A dress that was made to amaze.


9. A favourite disney movie.


10. The humility not to judge others on their choice of clothing, makeup, etc.

tumblr_static_33    fangirl

11. The courage to chase her dream and the will to work hard for it.


12. Something to her name, that is hers entirely.


13. A deep love for herself and her body that is not put out by others’ opinions.


14. A signature favourite dessert and an indestructible fussiness over how one makes it.


15. The ability to cook something.


16. The spirit of adventure.

17. The confidence to be alone and not feel lonely.

18. A smile that can blow you away.

19. The ability to give out a right-hook.

20. A favourite sport and the jersey of her favourite team.

21. The fearlessness to try out something new every once in awhile.

22. A great handbag and a good pair of boots.

23. The self-pride to be able to support yourself without anyone’s help.

24. An emergency ice cream tub in the freezer at all times.

25. The sense not to let social media rule her life or emotions.

26. An intimate knowledge of some fandom or the other (preferably Harry Potter)

27. A signature dance move.

28. The drive to save the planet (I mean recycling).

29. A good relationship with your siblings and family

30. A presentable everyday makeup look that’s natural-looking.

31. The ability to restrain yourself from fandom references at inappropriate times, and binge shopping.

Stay beautiful!

Deliya x 🙂


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