How To Decorate Your Room : Christmas Style

Maybe its just me getting over-excited or the fact that every single shop seems to be getting into it or the fact this is just one of my favourite times of the year, but I just go bananas every December waiting for Christmas. I love the winter snow and the general cheerful buzz that comes with it. Its so thrilling. I’ve already put up my Christmas tree and decorated my room in a super-Christmasy way and in case any of you were wondering how, this is how you can (cheaply) decorate your room to get ready for Father Christmas. 🙂


First things first, you’ve got to get the mood music into play. I myself have a pair of compact speakers in my room which is convenient so I could play some nice festive songs on it while I was decorating. You can go old school with Elvis Presley of course but you can also crank up some new stuff like Justin Bieber’s Christmas album or David Archuleta’s.


Of course, you must have a large Christmas tree for your entire family to put presents under, but consider getting a much smaller version (one that you can put on a table) for your room! Often, these are already decorated so you don’t have to do much, just put one anywhere you like!

christmasNow before you go any further, you’ve got to pick out a colour scheme that you’re going to follow for the rest of the room. You can’t just go jumbling up and getting all sorts of terrible contrasts and make your room look like a clutter. My room is purple and white so I went with pink, white, silver and golden for the whole room. This of course depends on your own individual room. Once you’ve picked out what your colour scheme is, go out to the department store and find fairy lights that follow it.



The most important think now is to stick to your colour scheme. Get all your decorations (like jars filled with candy and peppermint or christmas lights) in that colour. Scented candles or air freshners (that remind you of chocolate, cookies or wood) are also another way to bring the winter christmas spirit into your room. Basically anything that reminds you of warm, happy winter mornings.

christmasYou can also spruce up your bed by putting some bright coloured small pillows on it. Maybe put some stuffed animals there or a little Father Christmas toy? You could get some on-theme bed covers and soft and cozy bright blankets to wrap around yourself. Another thing you could do is to hang up some fake mistletoe in different parts of your room.



Above all remember that Christmas is the season of giving and being with your family and friends and the ones you love. Don’t forget to be generous this month and go all out with the spirit!

Stay beautiful!
Deliya! x 🙂



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