Fangirling Is A Proffession : Part 1

First things first for those newbies on the internet – what exactly are ‘fandoms’ and what exactly is ‘fangirling’? Now, I myself, being a professional fangirl, know all there is to know about fandoms (being a part of at least 16 at present). I could quite literally write a book about this (yes, I have a mental conditions, but oops, whatchya gonna do) but, just to break it down for all the fresh faces out here, here’s some things you’ve got to know about fandoms.

fangirlWe’re crazy. Like, literally, mental. If you’re not part of our fandom, or are against are fandom, then you’re either in mortal danger of being sucked into it, being scared shitless by us and/or death. But, wait, I’m going way too fast. Let me start with the basic terms every fangirl must be sufficiently equipped with before they can do anything (or nothing) in a fandom.


1.  Fandom – It is a ‘kingdom’ of fans of a certain book/movie/tv series. etc that are united in their extreme and obsessive love for that certain thing.

2. Fangirls – It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl. If you’re an active and obsessive member of a functional fandom, you’re called a fangirl. You’re most probably so overcome with feelings during your designated ‘fangirling’ sessions that you’re eventually rendered completely incapable of functioning in the real world. Welcome to the dark side!

3. OTP – It is the abbreviated form of ‘One-true-pairing’. It is a couple or any two characters from the book/movie/tv series, etc that you religiously wish together, or if they’re already together, then die constantly of happiness and imagine alternate realities for. You do NOT get in the way of or insult any fangirl’s OTP. If you end up dying a horrible fiery death, just remember that you’re the one who’d asked for it.

4. Ship – It isn’t a ship, in the literal sense. It is, simply put, 2 characters that you wish were a couple/thoroughly enjoy being a couple. For instance, if I ship Ramione (Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter) for instance then I think they’re (for the lack of a better phrase) totally perfect for each other/meant for each other.

5. Canon – It’s like an established truth. I don’t know, I can’t put it down any simpler.

I’m going to leave you with these five at first, but don’t think I haven’t got more for you.


See, I’ll tell you how it all starts…

At first, you just read a book/ watch a movie or whatever and enjoy it. Later, you go on the internet and start researching about it. Further stalking of characters, plot and anyone and everyone involved in the making of your new obsession will eventually lead you to see that there’s an entire community of people online from all over the world waiting to accept you into this new creepy little world you’ve discovered. It starts with you thinking to yourself that ‘Meh, its just one shirt and a little toy…and 3 collector’s items…What could possibly go wrong?’


And that, my friends is where it all really begins, because this is the point from where there is no turning back. Pretty soon, you’ll have collected everything in your budget that relates to that thing and will know everyone involved in this new fandom. At first, you’ll deny you have a problem, but gradually, you’ll accept that your normal, everyday functions are failing and you begin to accept you’re different and you’ll submit to your needs and feels. Eventually, you’ll pretty much be left alone at home on tumblr till late at night with no friends or plans whatsoever and you don’t even feel sorry because if you had to turn back time, there’s not a thing you’d change.


After awhile, you’ll start labeling the few friends that you do have left as ‘People who get it‘ and those who don’t. After awhile you start judging everyone new you meet depending on their breadth and depth of their knowledge on your fandom. This new person doesn’t know the name of the street walked down on episode 108? Too bad, they probably weren’t worth knowing anyway. Pretty soon, you’ll be thinking of nothing but your OTP and your fandom and capslock will be the only (albeit still insufficient) way left to express all the feels you have. Its a hell of a cycle and boy, is it tiring, but remember, a true fangirl never rests. There are fanfics to be written, and gifs to be made, what are you lying around for??


That’s all for guys, I’ll tell you more about how to properly identify and support other fandoms in the next section. Till, then, happy fangirling!

Deliya x 🙂



3 thoughts on “Fangirling Is A Proffession : Part 1

  1. I ship a lot of people lol!

    And yes… you just can’t help but be obsessed by some of the stuff out there. And then you just can’t help but be defensive about it. And THEN YOU JUST CAN’T HELP THAT YOU’RE LIFE IS BEING TAKEN OVER BY THIS! … and you love it <3. #Fangirl

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