The Words We Don’t Say…

Nothing haunts us quite as much as the words we don’t say. Some of you reading this will immediately be able to relate to what I’m saying (just as I can). Whether its a love you’ve buried in your heart for way too long, or a hush-hush bad thing you’ve done or seen someone else do and just can’t tell anyone for some reason or the other, you’ll know what I mean. I mean, truly, has anything occupied your thoughts or captured your mind quite as much as the things you’ve never said have?



And all for what? Something no one seems to be as bothered about as you do? I, myself, have been burdened with a million little secrets before, but the most daunting one was a boy I liked a year older than me. I’d loved him for 4 years and always held it in my heart. So many nights, I’d stay up late thinking about him and be worrying about what he thought of me. So many hours I’d waste getting ready if there was even the slightest doubt I was going to be seeing him. My heart ached terribly with the burden of the secret and….all for nothing. The day I finally told him I liked him, it turned out, he’d liked me for 2 years and he’d just been too nervous to ask me out. We’ve been going out for about a year now but that’s not the point. The things we hide from people, from ourselves, are the things that claw at our hearts and minds and end up hurting us the most.


I mean, if not to take risks and live to the fullest, what else do you plan to do with this wild and beautiful life of yours? Life is the most amazing and precious gift of all. Self induced hurt pricks no one but you, so why do it to yourself? Enjoying the little things, being open and free, loving and being loved for who you are is what life’s all about. The words we didnt say when the moment for them arose and the things we couldn’t voice because we were to afraid of the result, are the words that will revolve in your mind for the rest of your life and leave you no peace.



Whats the worse that could happen? People would laugh at you? So what? You’ll be the joke of the day. Tomorrow, they’ll find someone else to laugh at and you’ll be long forgotten. Its probably only you that thinks the secret’s such a big deal. So go ahead, risk it all and let it all out. You might end up regretting it, but in the end, it is the words that we never said more than the words we did that you remember all your life long.

Stay beautiful!

Deliya 🙂 Xx



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