The Difference between Being Rich and Having Money…

…And I’m back!! Finally back on my blog! The exam days are over, my Deputy duties for the Sports Day are over (well, almost anyway) and the football competition’s all wrapped up. Finally some time to sit back on my bed, relax with some tea and get back to business (if you count blogging as business I mean). Hows everyone been? 🙂


So this week, I thought I’d talk about that famous Patrick Meagher quote.

Some people are so poor, all they have is money.

Why? Because, well a couple of weeks ago, a new kid joined our school and he was in our year. Now usually, new kids tend to be shy or outgoing but nice, so they can make new friends. We, in turn, try to help them fit in and be friendly as well. But if you’re talking about Robert ‘the-rich-snob’ Brown, uh-uh no sir. From the moment he stepped in, this absolute twat (I’m sorry, I’m probably going to be using a lot of rude words in this post, because I’m just so frustrated!) thinks that he owns the school and everyone in it, just because his dad’s a fancy businessman and he can afford to drive around a Ferrari and wear Armani perfumes to school and a designer shirt.


I’m sorry Rob, but that’s just not right and thats not how it works at all. Just because some of us (OK fine, ALL of us) aren’t as well-off as you are, it doesnt mean you can lord over us or look down on us. Money is just that – money. It does not automatically equal to or convert to your social status or your number of friends and neither should it. The thing that matters most is if you’re rich – on the inside. If you have good moral values and are surrounded by people you love. If you find happiness and follow your dreams, if you wake up everyday smiling and you’re grateful for what you have – thats when you’re rich, thats what being welathy is all about.


As Coco Chanel rightly put it – “There are people who have money, and there are people who are rich.” Whats the use of all your money if you don’t have someone to love or someone who loves you. You can buy the world’s most expensive mattress but it won’t help you sleep. You could afford the world’s best food, the finest cuisine, but it won’t give you an appetite. What I’m basically trying to say is, money isn’t everything. I know it, you know it. Then why do some people forget? Money can buy you all you want, so you’re blinded by the dazzling lights – the billion dollar world you live in. But does it buy you all you need? Your health, your happiness, love and friendship, does it buy you all of that? And isn’t that what really matters? I dare you to say I’m wrong.


When the things we possess start to possess us, that’s where the problem begins. I mean if all one cares about making or flaunting money then he will be poor in all else that is worth living for. Now of course (as a second thought), all this sounds like a loser’s opinion doesn’t it? But who can say I’m not right, though? Maybe I’m just a bit too flustered but I still think that no one has the right to live their life looking down on others or getting the easy way out just because they holiday in Paris. Don’t you agree? 😉

Stay beautiful,

Deliya 🙂 Xx


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