Lies That Everyone Tells

Everyone on the planet tells a white lie from time to time. Its just the way of the world (gosh, that sounds so bad but its true).  Some lies are to save friendships and relationships, some are to get out of trouble or to get others out of trouble. Usually, as long as we’re not breaking the law or something, white lies simply cushion us from ourselves. So without further ado, here are some common lies that everyone tells.

1. I’m fine…


I don’t know exactly why humans just feel the need to bottle up everything inside and not tell anyone how they are. I mean, I get that you probably don’t want to share what you’re going through with everyone but at least make sure to tell your close friends (what are friends for?) or else you’ll get sick bottling up all those emotions. I mean, you clearly don’t seem fine, that’s we asked how you were in the first place. Its like you’re telling us we’re not worthy of knowing or that we wont understand. But we asked because we actually care and we probably want to help. So don’t go around with that bottled up sass.

2. I didn’t do it…


OK, this is definitely a lie I sympathize with because I have used this one on countless occasions. I know it’s not right at all, and that you should always take responsibility for your actions, no one wants to get into trouble willingly (especially when no one can find out the culprit) right? I mean, this might not work for everyone but since I’m lucky enough, my rules for trouble have always been to deny everything and, if that doesn’t work, blame my twin!

3. Dinner’s ready in 5 minutes


Is it just my mum, or everyone’s that lies about how soon dinner’s going to be ready? She’ll go like “Honey, the table will be ready in 5 minutes.” and then I go downstairs 5 minutes later and dinner’s still in the oven. I mean, why even tell that lie mum? I love food but I also love tumblr. If food wasn’t ready yet, I could’ve just read that book/watched that video/finished that game level/texted for a little while longer. Its not nice, giving people false hope.

4. Thank you so much! I love it…


We all have that one Uncle Bob or Aunt Clair that always gives you rotten birthday/Christmas presents and, well, they’re so sweet and nice to you that you don’t have the heart to tell them that the present you have is the most useless thing you’ve ever seen/would never be seen in public with. Then you’d just seem like an ungrateful brat or an insensitive jerk.

5. I’m sure I texted you…


Because telling someone that they were low on your priority list or agenda would just be outright mean and rude, no matter how much you dislike that person. It would just make things weird otherwise and hurt your relationship, so you’re probably better off telling this lie and blaming technology for your mistakes.

6. Yeah, I was with Andrea last night…

Because that just what friends do…they agree and go along with your story first, and ask you questions later. You were probably in a really tight or awkward situation anyway, or you wouldn’t have had to rope someone else in, in your web of lies.

7. Yeah, you look great in that dress…


OK, so I’ve never personally done this one before (because I don’t particularly understand the necessity to lie about how somebody else looks in a dress, so they get a fake impression and get happy then but end up wasting money and getting embarrassed publicly later) but my sister has done this to me countless times before, where I get hooked on to a silly-looking outfit and she just nods along and agrees and I end up getting humiliated later. Its just not done; its mean, so knock it off, you overtly nice people! I can take a bit of criticism.

8. I did finish my work, I just forgot to bring it to school…


OK, so I know I cannot be alone in this. I just know it. I mean, me and my friends have gotten out of trouble with this one a million times before. Seriously, no one’s that honest.

Stay beautiful!
Deliya x 🙂


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