Bucket List : Part 1

It’s surprising how we often get so wrapped up in our lives that we seem to miss out everything and anything in our immediate circle of need. We’re constantly in this rat-race, this sort of cross-country marathon of never-ending competition and beating others that we forget to look around at the lovely country-side views passing us by – the green meadows, the unending blue skies, the fluffy cotton-candy clouds and the sea of pretty blue flowers. Life’s all about appreciating and enjoying the journey to our common final destination  – death – no matter who we are, or where we’re from, we’re all humbled by it in the end. And in the end, all that would’ve mattered was what you did as a human being for others, how you touched and changed their lives and how you made the most of it while you could.


And so in relevance to making the most of life, I thought I’d jot down a bucket list, just to see how it goes. Enjoy!

1. Meet Ryan Gosling


OK, lets get serious. This is a serious bucket list, I’m not just kidding around, and so obviously, meeting Ryan Gosling HAS to be on the to-do. What else do we live for, right?

2. Travel The World


Or at least, set foot on every continent. I’ve never been outside of Britain, unless you count my trip to Paris (which you should), so yeah, that’s definitely something I would love to do. I’ve got wanderlust – big time. I just…you know, have a very busy life (as if) and so I don’t get to travel often.

3.  Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower


I’ve already accomplished this one (that is a picture my friend Mark took from the top of the tower). I went on a trip to Paris with a couple of my best friends last year and we were all out of England for the first time and we just went EVERYWHERE and it was amazing. And in case you’re wondering, yes, the view from up there was what you would call breathtaking and what I would describe (very accurately, I might add) as asdfghjkl…

4. Spend Christmas at Disneyland


I mean yes, sure, I HAVE gone to Disneyland when I was 4 (which is, to this day, the best day ever) but I want to spend Christmas there. Just once. With some friends. It’ll be like a magical place where dreams come true where I get to dress up as a princess for a day COMBINED with the joy of Christmas giving. WHAT could be more cheerful than that?

5. Attend a Masquerade Ball


I saw this movie once when I was really young and I dont really remember it, except that there was a masquerade ball in it. I remember being absolutely fascinated by the idea. Only much later though, did I know what they were called but its really caught on to me as a child and I would really love to attend one.

6.  Write A Book


I’m in the process of this one. I am writing a book, I’ve got the idea together and everything but what with all this schoolwork and soccer practice, I cant always make out time for it. But I will definitely do it someday, though.

7. Learn to play the Drums


I’ve always admired people who could and I’ve always wanted to learn but never really got round it. I think the rhythm and the beat are the most important part of a song, so this a must-do.

8. Party all night


This one sounds sort of rude, but thats not what I mean. I mean to say like, go to a club or a concert and party through the night and into the morning, just jam to some music with some friends. That would be a first.

9. Go to Times Square and/or the Walk Of Fame


I know what a complete stereotyped weirdo I sound like, but come-on, look at that view! *swoon* I wanna, I wanna and I’m gonna.

10. Ride a camel/elephant


Maybe its just me and my obsession with unusual animals but how amazing would it be to go on a safari of some sort and ride one of those? Imagine the view from up there!


Thats it for now! This is just part 1, I’m probably going to be adding a lot more stuff as it comes along in my head. You can always give me some of your suggestions as well. You know where to reach me! Bye for now!

Stay beautiful

Deliya x 🙂


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