I Pray For A World Like That : Gay Pride

This week I thought I’d go a little deep and thoughtful on my blog because some things have happened in the past week which I wanted to share about with all of you. I know that a lot of people arent OK with this and this is an extremely contreversial topic but I’m willing to risk anything that comes my way because standing up for what I believe in was what I was taught to do.


One of my closest guy friends (I’m not naming any names) came up to me and he told me that he was gay. And then started crying. It was actually really cold outside (isn’t it always?) and it was 9 in the night and he’d come running all the way from his house 4 blocks down to come and tell me. When I opened the door, he had little snowflakes on his eyelashes and hair and his face was all pink. He didn’t say hi or anything. He just blurted it out and started sobbing his heart out. Like it was a bad thing. Like it was wrong. I looked at him and he looked at me, and to me, he didn’t look any different. He still had that same sincerity in his eyes, the same beautiful heart and the same caring soul that I had loved all these years and he was in my mind, exactly the same.


I held him while he told me all about it that night (he ended up sleeping over) and he told me that he hadnt even told his parents yet and that he was terrified if anyone found out. I felt terrible for him but after a while (when he’d calmed down a bit) I told him there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. That it’s perfectly fine and that its nothing to be ashamed of. That its just a part of who you are, not all of it and definitely not the most important part. It didn’t change who he was and that he was lovely human being either way. I told him that all our friends would still love him and that those who didn’t never deserved to have know him anyway.


But, I assume he took it in the patronising way because then he threw a fit saying I didn’t understand how difficult it was because I wasnt in his position and a there was a bit of name calling on both ends (I might’ve called him a bit of a crosspatch), but after about 2 minutes we got serious again.


I dread to think I’m growing up in a world where my friends, family or my (future) children (if I ever have them) will be fearful or embarassed to admit to who they are. Its like lying to the world, and worst of all, lying to yourself. Its like secretly being a Belieber and just saying you hate him to everyone else just to fit in. Its just not right. Being gay (or a Belieber or whatever) is just as much a part of who you are as is your eye colour. You’re simply born with it and it presence or state doesnt in any way change who you are from the inside. At all. And isn’t who you are on the inside all that really matters in life and love?


If we are but human beings at all, why would  we want to poke fun of other people just because they happen to be different? Isn’t variety the spice of nature and life? If we have even one humane quality within us, we’d want to treat everyone equally. Especially after the terrible past LGBT (lesbian gay bisexual trangender) people have gone through, the need of the hour is to be loving, affectionate and accepting of them. Because really, whats wrong with being the way you are? Would you like it if people made fun of you because of where you were from or how you looked? It would be plain cruel and unfair simply because where you’re from and how you look are things you cant help. You were born with them and there’s absolutely no reason such a thing should get you down.


Being gay has NO effect on someone’s personality AT ALL. I’ve loved this best friend of mine since we were 4 because he is funny and helpful and loyal and caring and just plain all-round awesome. It didn’t matter to me if he was gay. He was still the guy I went on my first ever road trip with, the guy who was there for me when I broke up with my first boyfriend, the guy who carried me home when I broke my ankle at a soccer game once and the guy I made so many amazing memories with and that will never ever change. He’s a beautiful person and him (or anyone else) being gay shouldnt at all affect our (or anyone elses) thoughts of him.


I just pray that, one day, we will live in a world where people would be as accepting of gay people as they are of males and females. That one day it wouldn’t matter what people’s gender was as long as they were capable, strong and true. I pray that gay rights would no longer be an issue and that people would not be afraid to admit to who they are. I pray for a world like that.

Stay beautiful,

Deliya 🙂


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