Things Disney Movies Taught Me

Even though Disney movies are produced essentially for kids, there is not one person I know (or choose to associate with) who doesn’t have that one favourite pick that they can watch any time, any place with some ice cream and a slight fangirling session (mine is definitely Peter Pan). It’s just the way life works. Simple as that.

So yesterday I went to the movies with a couple of girlfriends (we’d decided to give her a grand all-out fancy GNO to get over her broken heart) and what better than a Disney movie to ease the pain? We ended up watching Hercules and (surprise surprise) I loved it, even though I’d already watched it earlier. So today I thought I’d blog about what Disney movies teach us, just as a tribute to their all-round awesomeness. Lets begin, shall we?

1. Peter Pan


This one’s my favourite so obviously it had to go first. I think the main message goes along the lines of growing older and mature, but never really growing up. We all want to foster and sustain a piece of childish innocence in us, no matter how old we grow. We want to laugh at the top of our lungs and not care what others think and just do what we want, as we used to when we were children. Something to remember of Tinkerbell’s character is that you can be small and powerful at the same time-one does not prevent the other. Another thing we learn from Peter Pan is that thinking positively can work wonders (it can even make you fly) but if a boy shows up at your window, he’s (more likely than not) going to be trouble.

 2. Hercules


An important thing to learn from Meg’s life is that, without first thinking things through thoroughly, you mustn’t completely uproot your life and ways for someone else. Also, you mustn’t let the mistakes of your past let you ruin or hamper with the opportunities that lie for you in the future. Hercules shows us how simply being famous or a celebrity doesn’t automatically make you a role-model and that you have to earn your way into being a hero or a ‘god’.

3. Finding Nemo


Three of the most important things that Finding Nemo shows us is, first, that being forgetful doesn’t mean you’re stupid and being happy doesn’t make you weird. Second is that family might annoy you at times but when you’re in trouble, they would literally cross the oceans and seas to find and save you. And lastly, when life gets you down, no matter what, always ALWAYS keep moving ahead and keep your head up.

4. Pocahontas


Listening to your parents is important, but so is standing up for what you believe in. Everything has life and everyone deserves to be treated with equal respect whether your skin is brown or white. The earth is not a dead thing you can claim and you cannot judge people before you know them or walk in their shoes just by their appearance.

5. Alice In Wonderland


Imagination and creativity can take you wonderful and amazing places. You don’t have to be like everyone else and its OK to be nervous and different.

6. The Lion King


Its OK to remember and think about the past, but we have to remember that bad things happen and that instead of sulking and brooding over what was, we can imagine and plan of what could be. You mustn’t believe everything you hear. True friends accept you, the true you, all of you, farts and all. Hakuna Matata!

7. Beauty and the Beast


The most obvious take-home from this one is that you mustn’t judge everyone by their physical appearance. A terrible beast may actually be a kind-hearted romantic prince on the inside. Also, it’s OK to be an oddball and love books. – books take you all sorts of new places, but make sure you’re not too caught up. Always learn to appreciate the beauty thats inside.

8. A Bug’s Life

A Bugs Life

Its OK to be weird and original and creative, even if noone else is with you. If you work together, there are no enemies to big too defeat and no problems too big to solve.

9. Toy Story & Monsters Inc.

img-thing             tumblr_m5iyjjV8Xx1ryvkawo1_500

No matter what the hurdles may be or how hard the challenges ahead may seem, we will do anything, risk anything for those we love and truy care for.

10. Cars

tumblr_m5o8a43KV01qm4we9o1_500 (2)

You are not a champion simply by the number of trophies on your wall. The true treasures and the greatest of victories are the lessons you learn and the people you meet along the journey of life.

11. Up


You are never too old to try out new things. Dreams and true love live in your heart till the end of time, till your very last breath. The adventure never ends.

Stay beautiful!

Deliya x 🙂


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