Music This Week : Tonight Alive

So recently, my twin sister made me listen to this song ‘Lonely Girl’ by Tonight Alive. I’d never heard of either the song or that band, and I pretty much assumed it was going to be like all her other favourite songs (she has a weird taste in music) and braced myself.



I didn’t hate it. I was so surprised when I didn’t only NOT hate it but actually found myself enjoying it. There’s a lot of loud singing, sure, but the music and lyrics made me want to dance (of course I didnt because I’d started out telling my sister that I was going to hate it and when I didnt, I didnt want to see that smug look on her face. You’d get it if you had a twin. Or a sibling, in general).


Needless to say, as soon as she’d left I proceeded to excessively stalk the band and find out everything there was to know about them (duh.) Here’s what I could deduce – they’re an Australian band of five formed in 2008. Most of their music is punk or pop, I suppose. They’ve worked with All Time Low (love them!), Radio Drive By, Simple Plan (obssessed with them), We are in the Crowd and many others. Their self-funded album All Shapes and Diguises released about 3 years ago, sold 1000s of copies in Australia and Japan.

Two years ago, the band travelled to LA and recorded their debut album What Are You Scared Of?

Anyway, they’re definitely on the rise and they have an amazing voice (oh and heads up, their drummer and lead guitarist are gorgeous; you’re welcome). Their lead vocalist is Jenna McDoughall and she has a very strong, dominating and steady voice I really love.


Keep your head high!

Deliya x 🙂


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