How To : Get What You Want

Being a teenager can be tough. You need a lot of stuff – whether its love, attention, stationary, that cute purse or permission to go out to that party. Getting what you want and getting your parents to let you do it, is a tricky but, once practiced, an infinitely useful art. Out of pure trial-and-error, there are a few things I’ve discovered that often work when it comes to getting your parents to agree to let you do what you want or get what you want.

The first thing is to make sure that what you want is reasonable (not over the top and something you don’t really need) and useful. Don’t ask for super-expensive stuff like a Prada bag or an iPhone just because. Make sure you have real need for it and that it’ll be useful to you first. Its never good to sound spolied in front of your parents!

The next thing to see is to check whether you can trade what you want for something they want. Maybe do all your chores AND some of theirs for a week? Mow the lawn for dad, do the dishes for mom? Maybe babysit and go halves on the bill for whatever you want? And there’s always the forever-guaranteed method of getting really good grades and acting extra responsible for a a couple of days before you ask for what you want. Also remember that ‘no’ right now doesnt mean ‘no’ forever. You can try and convince them somwhow. You know your parents best, you know what they want from you.

Another thing is to not start off with ‘Dad I want…’ No, just no. He’s definitely going to refuse. Start off with ‘I know that you work really hard and that you always provide us whatever we need….’ Don’t sound like a suck-up, but at least try to sound appreciative BEFORE asking. Also, make sure to sound mature and tell them to think about their decision before replying, otherwise they’ll feel like theyre being backed up into a corner and will end up saying ‘no’. Another real obvious one is to make sure your parents are in a good mood before asking them.

Lastly, make sure you Never give up on something you really want or something you think you truly deserve.

Deliya x 🙂


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