How To : Look Cute on a Budget

Being a teenager is tough, especially since you’ve got so many rules and restrictions to follow and pressure from every possible angle – whether its school or social pressure. And to top of all that, you’re all insecure of how you look and how you’re changing. And to try to look cute on a budget? Well, that just takes the cake. But of all the 4 years I’ve been a teenager, I’ve basically mastered the art of low-budget great looks and now you get to benefit from ALL my terrible mistakes (you’re welcome).

The first thing to do is to not completely ignore but to not let the newest trends affect your every outfit choice. Really, though. The amount of time and money I’ve wasted pining after those ‘in’ boots and that ‘must-have’ handbag, I can’t even imagine. You’ve got to let all that go, and insist on following and defining your own individual style. Being so totally you, is MUCH hotter than looking like Jennifer Lawrence on the cover of that magazine. Take it from me. Instead of wasting your pocket money on that new trend that you cant wear 2 months later because its already out of fashion, using it to buy stuff that’s always everygreen (like at least 2 pairs of nice-fitting jeans, a denim jacket, a good pair of boots, a button-down oxford, a black dress for special occassions) is always budget-friendly and seriously, anyone can look good in those timeless classics.

Another thing is to buy a blazer. I cannot stress enough the importance of a simple black blazer or jacket and how its spiced up many of my everyday outfits (and protects you from the cold) from skirts to dresses to tees. Make sure you’re comfortable, more than whether the outfit is ‘in’. 10 times out of 10 (seriously) that super fashionable outfit which is extremely uncomfortable doesn’t even look that great on you and its causing you an itch in places you can’t even reach. Just, don’t. Its better to be comfortable, seriously.

Another thing is to put off putting makeup as long as you possibly can, and even when you do start, do NOT pile it on and cake your face with it. Most importantly, wash your face squeaky clean of ALL makeup before bed and use a facewash that works for you. Trust me, you do NOT want to end up with a giant zit on your face that even your makeup cant hide anymore.

Visting a thrift store is another great idea. Some people are under the misconception that only poor people shop there, but no. I’ve gone there many times over the years with my friends and often, the stuff there is economical and very cute.

All in all, make sure that whatever you buy is something YOU really love, not because a magazine or a friend said so. Make sure its you that likes it, not someone else.

Thats it, thats all I’ve got. Hope it helped some of you and that you’ll be all the wiser and avoid the mistakes I made when I was a bit younger.

Deliya x 🙂


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