Ronaldo Extends Contract with Real Madrid

The news is in! Cristiano Ronaldo, the prolific Portugese footballer ended unbearable speculation (at least, on my end) about going back to Manchester United when his present contract ended and has signed a 3-year extension till the 2017-18 season with Real Madrid.
For some reason neither Ronaldo nor Real president Florentino Perez gave any details about his salary, but it is suspected his net annual wage would be around 17 million euros, making him one of the world’s best-paid players (and so whats new?)

When asked about going back to Manchester he replied saying that he was grateful for all that the club had taught him and given him, but that it was in the past now. He also said he respected all the offers that had come knocking on his door but that Real Madrid was his home and that it was where his family was. When asked about money and Bale’s transfer, Ronaldo said that money was not at all his main priority. On the contrary, winning titles for his team with his friends on the field was infinitely more important.

Just recently in fact, Ronaldo netted his 203rd goal in his 203rd official game for the Spanish giants. For all those (this goes out to some of my friends who are Manchester and Barcelona fans, in goood humor) that think that Ronaldo is out of shape, the statistics prove otherwise and his loyalty and passion for the game still shine through. He is an amazing player and will definitely be playing for Real for at least 5 more seasons.

Deliya x 🙂


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