I hope life isn’t just one big joke, because I don’t get it

I hope life isn’t just one big joke, because I don’t get it.

Recently one of my favourite uncles was in a near-fatal situation and those hours on those uncomfortable hospital chairs really got me thinking. At first, I went all numb like I did when I got hit full-on on my face with a badminton racket. Everyone around me was crying and sobbing but I coudn’t really feel anything except a dull sting on my head like an ant bite, sort of (later that required 3 stitches, but thats not the point).

After a couple of minutes in those dreaded chairs, as the reality of losing someone dear to me truly began to sink in, and every minute seemed to crawl into infinity, I began to bawl and later ask myself what would really happen to or family without Uncle Dan. I’ve never really been a religious person, but just then, the only person who I could seem to turn to was the dude up there. As I thought about how, all too quickly, all the happy times with my uncle could just be snatched away in a second, I hoped and prayed that he would be able to fight it.

I don’t want to sound too depressing so I’ll cut this short. My uncle’s OK now, but these sort of things really get you thinking about what you would do if the same thing happened to, say, your mum or dad tomorrow? What would you do, where would you run, where would you hide? Its like the permanant goodbye. No second chances. And all you can think of is the last thing you said to them, and whether you remembered to tell them ‘I love you’. All I want to say is (and I know this one’s been done to death but) enjoy and treasure every single moment with the ones you love (no matter how annoying that li’l sis of yours is). You have no idea how much you’ll miss her when she’s gone. Take it from me.

Deliya x 🙂


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