Random Thought # 1: Classic Team Work

We all know the way our teachers are always going on about sharing and teamwork and blah blah blah. What they don’t know is that a class is often a well organised, well oiled machine that is interdependant and efficient in its own way. Like the way when your phone goes off in the middle of a lesson and everyone starts coughing to cover up the ring tone from the teacher (well done, team). Or when you’re passing notes in class and almost get caught and everyone starts distracting the teacher with doubts to cover for you. And specially on every single quiz and test when everyone hears ‘individual work’ as ‘group discussion’. What the teachers don’t know doesn’t hurt them and our bond with our classmates is just that much stronger because of it…

Deliya x 😉


One thought on “Random Thought # 1: Classic Team Work

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