Fresh Faces : The Vamps

The Vamps

The Vamps

OK, So they aren’t exactly ‘Fresh Faces’ anymore but I think I owe them this one after their first single ‘Can We Dance’ released in August through Mercury Records. Yes, I’m talking about the British hotties The Vamps. I think I first heard of them a month or 2 ago when Taylor Swift’s ’22’ was out and I heard their cover of it and the first thing I thought of was “Wow, they’re really good; almost better than the original song” (after thinking that Bradley Simpson, the lead vocalist was cute, at least).

This song topped the pre-order charts on iTunes, even beating Miley Cyrus for number one position and its video received 1 million views within the first two weeks. Its an amazing song and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you absolutely have to, or you’re a tosser.


Have an amazing week!


Deliya x 🙂



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